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“America’s Got Talent” Quarter Finals 2 Blasts with Hart and More! (LIVE BLOG)

This is the second week of quarter finals on "America's Got Talent" where performances are live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The judging panel? Howie Mandel, Mel B (Spice Girls alum), … [Read More...]

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Personality Type Diet On Dr. Oz Show Today Nov. 25

The Doctor Oz Show, 11/25/2014, focuses on personality types and weight gain today where Oz gives … [Read More...]

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Dr. Oz Show Today: Dr. Andrew Weil’s No Pill Pain Solutions

The Dr. Oz Show, October 23, 2014, brings ways to fight pain without pills as Dr. Andrew Weil gives … [Read More...]

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Dr. Oz Show: Dr. Mike Dow’s Personality Type Diet Details

The Doctor Oz Show Today featured Dr. Mike Dow and focused on determining how we use food in order … [Read More...]

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Exclusive Interview with Shelley Morrison and Walter Dominguez

In an exclusive interview with Shelley Morrison (Will and Grace) and Walter Dominguez (Weaving the … [Read More...]

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The Voice Playoffs (Night 1): Who Rocks the Stage? Craig Wayne Boyd for Sure!

This season of The Voice has two new judges (as everyone knows) and tonight is the first LIVE playoffs in the singing competition. Who rocks the stage to move forward is the question on the minds of … [Read More...]