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King of the Nerds (2/27/15): Zombies Seek Brains in Nerdvana

Last week on King of the Nerds, things went nuclear as Heather took on Colby in the "Nerd Off" where Colby barely slipped by to win sending her packing as her dreams of becoming king went up in smoke! … [Read More...]

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The Amazing Race (2/27/15) Preview: A Dirty Start Continues in Japan

Yes...The Amazing Race is BACK and with a new twist for this season! Television audiences were … [Read More...]

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“3 Holes and a Smoking Gun” Creates the Impression of a “WhoDunIt” Serial Script!

3 Holes and a Smoking Gun (formerly known as 3 Holes, 2 Brads, and a Smoking Gun) starring James … [Read More...]

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Dr. Phil Recap (2/27/15): Winning the lottery ruined my marriage!

Dr. Phil Recap (2/27/15): Winning the lottery ruined my marriage!

Today's installment of the Dr. Phil focuses on a dilemma many wives have had since the dawn of … [Read More...]

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James Wilder Talks…CMR Listens!

CMR recently interviewed James Wilder (Melrose Place, The Coriolis Effect, Murder One) about his new … [Read More...]

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The Bachelor 2015: Does Beautiful Becca Blunder in Bali?

Tonight Chris Soules and the three remaining bachelorettes travel to Bali on The Bachelor where the women will be given the option of spending the night with the bachelor in the fantasy suite...will … [Read More...]