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Rocket Fizz

Undercover Boss Shows the Human Side of Leadership

Tonight on "Undercover Boss" Robert Powells, co-founder and president of Rocket Fizz (an old-fashioned candy and soda shop franchise company), takes center stage as an employee who talks about the … [Read More...]

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10 Day Energy Revitalization Plan On Dr. Oz Show Today

Dr. Oz, January 19, 2015, is all about getting more energy with an all new 10 Day Plan to put the … [Read More...]

Latest Movie Review


“Predestination” (Movie Review) Is Warped Take on Polymorphism

Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook along with Noah Taylor give pivotal performances in Predestination -  an … [Read More...]

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Dr. Oz Total Choice Diet Plan Promises No Calorie Counting

The Dr. Oz Show, January 29, 2015, brings out a new diet plan, called the Total Choice Diet, with … [Read More...]

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Exclusive Interview with Shelley Morrison and Walter Dominguez

In an exclusive interview with Shelley Morrison (Will and Grace) and Walter Dominguez (Weaving the … [Read More...]

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The Bachelor 2015: Hollywood Goes “Hog Wild” as Jimmy Kimmel Takes Over the Dates!

This evening is the third episode of "The Bachelor" and Chris Soules is visited by Jimmy Kimmel who first wakes him from a sound sleep and then takes over the dating scene. The first date card goes to … [Read More...]