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Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 1 Recap: “Two Swords”

Last season on Games of Thrones the season finale ends with the contention between Ygritte and Jon Snow hitting yet another feverish point as he attempts to leave and she fills him with arrows...does … [Read More...]

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Diet Soda Heart Attack Link, 10 Minute Exhaustion Cure On Dr. Oz Show Today

The Dr. Oz Show, April 15, 2014, looks at the potential link between diet soda and heart attacks and … [Read More...]

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Machete Kills Review: Impressive List Of Actors Can’t Save This Film

Machete Kills has a cast list that would make many in Hollywood jealous with envy but it proves you … [Read More...]

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Dr. Oz Show Recap April 16: Anti Inflammation Diet, No Pill Pain Relief

Dr. Oz offered up a new Anti Inflammation diet from Dr. Tanya Edwards along with a range of doctors … [Read More...]

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Joan Steiger

Joan Steiger: “Keep Dancing” as Life Goes On

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Joan Steiger who is as gracious about her fame as she is … [Read More...]

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Survivor Cagayan: Beware the Merge as the “Head of the Snake” is Sought…to be CHOPPED!

Last week was quite a shake up on Survivor Cagayan when Lindsey quit the game after Cliff was blindsided the previous week at tribal council. This is the season of blindsides as Alexis was taken by … [Read More...]