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Dr. Oz Show Today: New Plastic Surgery Fixes for Your Most Hated Problems

On the Dr. Oz Show today, Dr. Oz revealed new plastic surgery procedures for your most hated problems: festoons (or under-eye bags), spider veins and sun damage.

For festoons, which is the medical name for those nasty under-eye bags, Dr. Adam Scheiner talked about a new procedure that fixes festoons by creating new skin. He uses a laser to remove the top layers of skin to get to a new layer that is smooth and young-looking. This fixes festoons, which are the big lumpy skin that sits on top of the cheekbones. The lower-lid bags have to have the fat removed plus be resurfaced.

For spider veins, there’s a new simple and minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Anne Chapas, a dermatologist, did the procedure right on the show. It’s a painless injection of Asclera into the main part of the spider vein, and they disappeared immediately! The procedure lasts forever…the veins that are gone are gone forever.

For sun damage, dermatologist Dr. Matthew Avram demonstrated a laser procedure that not only makes you look better but is FDA approved to treat sun-damaged skin that is in a pre-cancerous condition. It’s called the “Solta Dual Laser” and there was almost no down-time afterward for the test patient.


  1. gwen jenkins says:

    I would like the name of a Dr (if there is one) either in the greater Jacksonville Fl area, also Atlanta Ga
    area that did the procedures on the Dr Oz show Jan 29th, 2013 Thanks GJ

  2. christina hoang says:

    may i have the doctor phone number that did the laser on the lady face because of the sun that damage her skin? also the phone number of the doctor that did the spider vein too?

  3. christina hoang says:

    my face skin is very ugly. starting right on the middle of my face down to my chin is brown on both side, and in the middle of my face to my forehead is white. where ever i go people asked me what is wrong with your face? Yesterday i was watching Dr. Oz. show i was really happy of the result of the lady that Doctor did the laser on her face. My face is 10 time worse than her, i was hoping you can give me the doctor that did the laser on her face so can have some hope to fix my skin on my face. And also the doctor that did the spider vein as well. Please help me? i greatly appreciated all of your help.
    sometime i feel if i can just scrabe my whole entire skin of my face when my husband made a comment about other womens have a nice skin. please help me?

  4. jeanette martin says:

    I would like more informatin on the laser procedure for sundamaged and pre-cancerous skin. Any dermatolist doing this procedure in Hawaii. Mahalo

  5. Norma Gordillo says:

    I would like to contact Dr. Adam Scheiner , can you please send me his phone number. He was on your show Februar;y 21, 2011. I have that big lumpy skin that sits on top of the cheekbone called festoons.
    Thank you
    Norma Gordillo

  6. Norma Delapenha says:

    I would like to contact Dr. Bassen please send me his offfice number. Thanks.

  7. bobbi osborne says:

    first time on your site….. after watching the show concerning the fat pad removal and laser resurfacing of festoons. i am so much like the lady that had this done always look tired,,,please send me the dr;s address or someone qualified in my area. I would love to have this done and feel good about myself from the inside… i live in the cleveland ohio area. the dr on the show would be great his address please…bobbi

  8. ronald . m williams says:

    would like to know a good doctor in newyork city about the eyelift surgery

  9. Lydia padilla says:

    please help regarding eye lift show eye cream etc

  10. Lydia padilla says:

    I would like info please about intant eye lift on february 2 or 3rd show
    you said you could get it a drug store or mis it your self???
    help thank you
    i love your show.

  11. Great show with useful info on best solutions for very common problems! Great to have physician directory of doctors that perform the procedures across nation in major cities.

  12. Melissa Zadow says:

    I would like to learn more about the treatment of festoons shown by Dr. Adam Scheiner on your show. I live in Overland Park, KS and would like to stay close to home.

    Thanks, Melissa

  13. nancy skye says:

    i need info on how to remove spider veins,in the syracuse n.y. area

  14. Wanda Frezza says:

    I ‘m very interested in some of the procedure that I see on TV lately,in particular the differance in two lazer procedures, frazel and fractional.
    I have some cappilary on my face , sun damage and thin scares, would any of these lasers take care of the problem and tighten the skin at the same time?
    Please give me some informtion and if possible some names of doctors in my area.
    Thank Wanda.state of Delaware near Pa.

  15. Katherine Quick says:

    I am interested in knowing more about the procedure for Spider Vains that Dr.Anne Chapas showed on Feb 9th . I live in Clinton Iowa and wanted to stay close to home .

  16. Rosemary White says:

    1 cup coconut water
    1/4 cup orange juice
    A pinch of salt

  17. Colleen Feil says:

    I always enjoy your show.
    Sometimes when you have a topic that I am particularly interested in I wonder how I can find someone in my area who does the same procedure?

    I would like to find out the name of the doctor and the correct name for the laser procedure for the undereye bags. I wondered if he could lead me to a good name here in Dallas, Texas for this procedure?
    I was also interested in the laser treatment for the sun damage.
    Thank you, Colleen

  18. kathleen wood says:

    what was the ingredience for diarrea with coconut water?

  19. Susan St. Hilaire says:

    I would like to find out the name of the doctor and the correct name for the laser procedure for the undereye bags. I wondered if he could lead me to a good name here in Ontario Canada for this procedure?
    I was also interested in the laser treatment for the sun damage.
    Thank you, Susan

  20. Frieda Mehlhaff says:

    I enjoyed today’s show and would like to know where to get in contact with Dr. Matthew Avram regarding the sun damaged skin laser procedure.
    Thank you very much.

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