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Dr. Oz Show Today: New Plastic Surgery Fixes for Your Most Hated Problems

On the Dr. Oz Show today, Dr. Oz revealed new plastic surgery procedures for your most hated problems: festoons (or under-eye bags), spider veins and sun damage.

For festoons, which is the medical name for those nasty under-eye bags, Dr. Adam Scheiner talked about a new procedure that fixes festoons by creating new skin. He uses a laser to remove the top layers of skin to get to a new layer that is smooth and young-looking. This fixes festoons, which are the big lumpy skin that sits on top of the cheekbones. The lower-lid bags have to have the fat removed plus be resurfaced.

For spider veins, there’s a new simple and minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Anne Chapas, a dermatologist, did the procedure right on the show. It’s a painless injection of Asclera into the main part of the spider vein, and they disappeared immediately! The procedure lasts forever…the veins that are gone are gone forever.

For sun damage, dermatologist Dr. Matthew Avram demonstrated a laser procedure that not only makes you look better but is FDA approved to treat sun-damaged skin that is in a pre-cancerous condition. It’s called the “Solta Dual Laser” and there was almost no down-time afterward for the test patient.


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