Dr Oz Alternative Pain Treatments: Homeopathy and Biopuncture

Today on the Dr Oz show it was all about Alternative Pain Treatments! Doctor Oz discussed homeopathy and biopuncture in particular, starting with homeopathic information from Dr. Russ Greenfield.

First, Dr. Greenfield explained what homeopathic medicine is. He says it is based on the belief that very small, dilute amounts of medicine can be used to treat illness, mostly self-limiting illness…not high blood pressure or something like that. The small amount of medicine nudges the body into healing itself. Dr. Oz says his wife swears by several homeopathic remedies for their family, and Dr. Greenfield says studies show that there are some benefits from this form of treatment…so there is some science behind it.

Dr. Oz explained that you buy the homeopathic medicine, and you put the little tablets under your tongue and let them dissolve, to enter your bloodstream through the tissue. That’s how it is done. Be sure not to touch the tablets, as in some cases that can deactivate them.  They are safe and in some cases effective. You can usually find them at health food stores.

Dr. Oz uses arnica for trauma, like bruises and sprains. He also said he keeps Nux vomica on hand for upset stomachs. Dr. Greenfield says he keeps Oscillococcinum on hand, as it has been well-studied as working to combat flu. Dr. Oz was careful to say that he’s not a homeopathic practitioner, and can’t recommend any specific medicine for anyone. You have to figure it out for yourself or consult a homeopathic expert.

For a stiff neck, Dr. Oz and Greenfield recommend applying heat. Even dry heat is good, and it’s easier than moist heat too! To make a cheap home heating pad, fill a sock with rice. Then put it in the microwave for about a minute. Then wrap it around your neck. You can add lavender oil too, to make it smell good.

Next, Dr. Oz discussed the subject of biopuncture. Dr. Lee Wolfer joined the show as an expert in this new form of pain therapy. Also known as botanical injection, it involves injecting natural products into the areas that are causing you pain. The products injected are sometimes homeopathic remedies, low doses of botanical compounds, glucose, even platelet-rich plasma. The injections are made in very specific places, called acupuncture points.

Dr. Greenfield said he would not recommend it yet until we know how it works and how safe it is. But Dr. Wolfer has an excellent track record of providing real pain relief for her patients! She pointed out (rightfully!) that when you’re doing injections and using needles, if what you’re doing doesn’t work then patients won’t come back. And her patients come back.

To finish up, Dr. Wolfer did some injections on a woman right there in the studio. The woman, Marta, said the injections did not hurt her at all, and they seemed to help!

Also on today’s show, Dr. Oz smacked down on the frozen food aisle.

  1. Be sure you choose a frozen food with zero trans fat! Don’t fall for the “all natural” label either, check for the trans fats.
  2. Choose frozen foods that are in a bag. That enables you to pinch the contents and be sure they are not clumped. If they are clumped together, then they thawed and re-froze…which is not good. If the food is in a box or can, you can’t do this pinch test.  Great information, I had never thought of this!
  3. Choose frozen foods with less than 600 mg of sodium. Less is better but might be hard to find!


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