Dr Oz Alternative Pain Treatments: Homeopathy and Biopuncture

Today on the Dr Oz show it was all about Alternative Pain Treatments! Doctor Oz discussed homeopathy and biopuncture in particular, starting with homeopathic information from Dr. Russ Greenfield.

First, Dr. Greenfield explained what homeopathic medicine is. He says it is based on the belief that very small, dilute amounts of medicine can be used to treat illness, mostly self-limiting illness…not high blood pressure or something like that. The small amount of medicine nudges the body into healing itself. Dr. Oz says his wife swears by several homeopathic remedies for their family, and Dr. Greenfield says studies show that there are some benefits from this form of treatment…so there is some science behind it.

Dr. Oz explained that you buy the homeopathic medicine, and you put the little tablets under your tongue and let them dissolve, to enter your bloodstream through the tissue. That’s how it is done. Be sure not to touch the tablets, as in some cases that can deactivate them.  They are safe and in some cases effective. You can usually find them at health food stores.

Dr. Oz uses arnica for trauma, like bruises and sprains. He also said he keeps Nux vomica on hand for upset stomachs. Dr. Greenfield says he keeps Oscillococcinum on hand, as it has been well-studied as working to combat flu. Dr. Oz was careful to say that he’s not a homeopathic practitioner, and can’t recommend any specific medicine for anyone. You have to figure it out for yourself or consult a homeopathic expert.

For a stiff neck, Dr. Oz and Greenfield recommend applying heat. Even dry heat is good, and it’s easier than moist heat too! To make a cheap home heating pad, fill a sock with rice. Then put it in the microwave for about a minute. Then wrap it around your neck. You can add lavender oil too, to make it smell good.

Next, Dr. Oz discussed the subject of biopuncture. Dr. Lee Wolfer joined the show as an expert in this new form of pain therapy. Also known as botanical injection, it involves injecting natural products into the areas that are causing you pain. The products injected are sometimes homeopathic remedies, low doses of botanical compounds, glucose, even platelet-rich plasma. The injections are made in very specific places, called acupuncture points.

Dr. Greenfield said he would not recommend it yet until we know how it works and how safe it is. But Dr. Wolfer has an excellent track record of providing real pain relief for her patients! She pointed out (rightfully!) that when you’re doing injections and using needles, if what you’re doing doesn’t work then patients won’t come back. And her patients come back.

To finish up, Dr. Wolfer did some injections on a woman right there in the studio. The woman, Marta, said the injections did not hurt her at all, and they seemed to help!

Also on today’s show, Dr. Oz smacked down on the frozen food aisle.

  1. Be sure you choose a frozen food with zero trans fat! Don’t fall for the “all natural” label either, check for the trans fats.
  2. Choose frozen foods that are in a bag. That enables you to pinch the contents and be sure they are not clumped. If they are clumped together, then they thawed and re-froze…which is not good. If the food is in a box or can, you can’t do this pinch test.  Great information, I had never thought of this!
  3. Choose frozen foods with less than 600 mg of sodium. Less is better but might be hard to find!


  1. Christy Redd says

    In addition to the information I posted in my first comment, I want to add some material on the use of homeopathy in treating cancer and brain tumors.

    Columbia University developed its Integrative Program for Children with Cancer in collaboration with the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation. The Banerji Clinic treats cancer patients in 72 countries around the world and 1,200 patients a day in its Kolkata clinic all with 70% benefit.

    The Banerji Protocol was used by M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in two studies both of which showed homeopathics kill cancer cells. The second study showed that 4 homeopathics kill breast cancer cell lines. It was published in the February, 2010, issue of Int’l J. of Oncology (www.spandidos-publications.com/ijo/36/2/395).

    Banerji has a 5-year survival rate of 32% for brain tumor patients compared to a 0.03% rate for conventional treatments. For one record of a cured case with CT scans see: http://www.pbhrfindia.org/index.php/Case-Studies/Cure-of-Brain-Tumor/Cure-of-Brain-Tumor.html

    Banerji has a rate of 21% for complete remission of astrocytomas, a rate of 22% for gliomas and a rate of 20% for meningiomas — all with homeopathy alone and without surgery, chemo or radiation.

    Homeopathic treatment does not cause side effects and does not damage other cells.

  2. Rohan G says

    “Be sure not to touch the tablets, as in some cases that can deactivate them.”


    I read this on April Fools Day, which provided an appropriate context. It perplexes me that grown-ups actually believe this fairytale nonsense.

  3. Christy Redd says

    I’ve used homeopathy for many years. I’ve been treated homeopathically for serious, chronic and acute illnesses and also for injuries to nerves. Homeopathy has cured my high blood pressure and chronic insomnia. It has cured many acute illnesses like sore throats, bronchitis, warts and poison ivy. I have gotten poison ivy so bady (I’m allergic to it) that traditional doctors recommended steroids. I don’t have to use such dangerous drugs because the correct homeopathic resolves my poison ivy in three or four days and without the intensity of itching and weeping I would normally have had.

    With a little knowledge a lay person can treat themselves and their families for acute illnesses like bladder infections, sore throats, colds and ear aches successfully with homeopathics. In addition, homeopathics are non-toxic, don’t create side effects (iatrogenic diseases), are green and inexpensive.

    Anyone interested in the 100’s of studies published in respected, peer-review journals showing homeopathy works in a broad range of conditions (including ADHD) can find some of them at:


    Homeopathy is famous for its cures of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes. To read case records see http://www.hpathy.com (search “Dr. Bhatia diabetes”, “Ask the Doctor” and “clinical cases”) and google “homeopathy cured cases” for more.

  4. Shirley Witwer says

    My daughter who was 48 (in 2001) when she had a right brain hemorrhagic AVM in the basal ganglia area. Effects include hyperalgesia and thalamic pain syndrome or central pain disorder on the entire left side and high blood pressure. Medications have included narcotics and anti-seizure medications used off-label and therapies of acupuncture, epidural andnerve blocks. Currently she takes 80 mg of methadone daily plus 60 mg celexa. Lyrica provided the most relief but side effects of lymphodema and 80# wgt gain are prohibitive. DBS has been approved by Cleveland Clinic and The Ohio State University (routine for Parkinson’s but not FDA approved for this condition and considered experimental by her insurance compan;y. HELP!!!

  5. Nina Lange says

    Dr. Oz, My 79 year old mother has extreme pain in the hip and back area. She has seen a speciallist from Mercy hospital from Iowa City. He says she has inopertable scoliosis of the lower spine and bersitis in her hips. I am wondering if the biopucture could eleviate this type of pain and where we could find the right type of doctor close at hand to do it.
    Anxiously waiting an answer,
    Nina Lange

  6. tamarque says

    Beyond disappointing! How can these people pretend to even talk about homeopathy when they know nothing about it! The program pretended to be open-minded but the people on the program were selling their own wares at the expense of a very successful healing modality.

    There are many prominent homeopaths in this country and I am sure any of a number of them would have loved the opportunity to be on a program like this to explain how homeopathy works and the science behind it.

    As for pain in shoulders? I would use homeopathy or low level laser. Both are completely safe and painless while being very effective.

  7. Denise Anderson Towns says

    Hi,I have pain in my right hand and left shoulder.what can I do. But u keep up the work that u r doing in your field.I try to look at u everyday I make notes all the time.

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