Dr Oz and Science Bob Explode Anti-Aging Myths on the Doctor Oz Show Today! (Recap)

On today’s Dr Oz show, Science Bob Pflugfelder joined Doctor Oz to help explode some anti-aging myths. It was a very explosive show, and Doc Oz had EMS and the fire department on standby! Wow!

Anti-Aging Myth #1: Stress Turns Your Hair Grey

Science Bob said that researches have identified the chemicals that cause hair to go gray. One thing is hydrogen peroxide, which is naturally in hair follicles already, and an enzyme that keeps it from graying the hair. As you age, the pigment cells that color your hair get damaged and don’t produce as much pigment, so the hydrogen peroxide takes over and that’s how you get gray hair. There’s no research to indicate that stress has anything to do with it. BUT, Dr Oz said it’s going to eventually be possible to cure the gray hair problem instead of dying it to cover it up.

Anti-Aging Myth #2: Teeth Whiteners Are The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth

For young teeth, the enamel protects your teeth from the harsh chemicals in whiteners, and the teeth whiteners do work somewhat. For older teeth, which have less enamel, the yellowing is not necessarily stain, but the natural color of the dentin beneath the enamel which is wearing thin. So with no enamel to protect your teeth, whiteners are not a good idea for older teeth. You can do yourself a lot of damage

Anti-Aging Myth #3: Lack of Sleep Causes Bags Under the Eyes

Bags under your eyes are actually little bits of fat that slip from behind and around the eyes and settles under the eyes. When your skin is firm and strong, the fat gets held back well. But as you age the skin under your eyes is very thin and as it loses its elasticity and firmness, the skin starts to sag and the fat comes through more, causing the bags. Dr. Oz says he thinks we correlate it to loss of sleep because when you’re tired, your tissues swell a bit, but overall the bags are not caused by lack of sleep.

Anti-Aging Myth #4: Just One Sunburn Can Cause Wrinkles

Doctor Oz says this myth is true. When your skin gets exposed to the sun, the sun fries the little strands of collagen and elastin that help your skin stay smooth. So even one sunburn can contribute to wrinkles. He does not want anyone to ever go out in the sun without sunscreen!

Eating too much sugar also causes wrinkles! Sugar binds to proteins and creates an inflammatory reaction that breaks down collagen and elastin. This is one of the reasons that Dr. Oz recommends no more than six teaspoons of sugar daily for women and no more than nine for men.

For his next trick on today’s show, Doctor Oz got rid of Science Bob and explained the number one reason we can’t breathe well. He got his micro camera out and put it in an audience member’s nose and showed us what a deviated septum looks like. When your septum (middle part of your nose) is not straight, but is curved, it blocks off your sinuses and causes problems. My husband had a deviated septum and he had the surgery to fix it. He was rather miserable for a few days afterward, but it made a huge difference for him in his ability to breathe AND he stopped snoring so much! He also stopped getting so many sinus infections.

Dr. Oz shared a few things you can do to help if you have a deviated septum besides getting surgery. You can put a warm saline solution in your nose to soothe it, or eat something hot and spicy to stimulate the nasal secretions, like wasabi or horseradish.

The next segment on the show was about dog owners who have the same bad habits as their dogs. The first bad habit is not taking pills. Apparently a lot of people having trouble giving their dogs pills, and the vet recommends that you get the pill wet, then tip the dog’s head back, put the pill on the back of the tongue, close the mouth and blow a little puff of air on the dog’s nose. The dog will swallow. Amazing!

The next bad habit is being couch potatoes and wolfing down food quickly. To stop dogs from eating so quickly, put the kibble in a food puzzle. This is a rolling ball that has a hole in it, and until the dog rolls it exactly the right way, the kibble won’t come out. Also get your dog tired every day with exercise, and possibly use a pet pedometer to make sure they’re getting enough exercise.

The last bad habit is not stretching before or after exercise. Give your dog omega fatty acids and glucosamine for his skin and joints, and look into practicing doga (dog yoga) with your dog.

Lastly we learned the best way to make food last longer.

  • Store red wine in the fridge as soon as you open it. It can last about three days there.
  • Store sliced bread on the counter. Starch goes stale faster in cold temperatures. It will last about a week on the counter.
  • Store ground coffee on the counter. The moisture in the fridge will make the coffee get nasty, so it’s best to use an airtight opaque container and keep on the counter for two to three weeks.

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