American Idol Recap: With Only 6 Contestants Left, Tonight’s Votes Mean Everything

Tonight on American Idol season 10, with only 6 contestants left, tonight’s votes mean everything!

Are final 6 made huge jumps and come out of their comfort zones! Babyface was one of the contestants coaches for this weeks Carol King challenge! Each contestant had to do songs by artist Carol King and they all did great!

Jacob Lusk was the first to take the stage and he did Carol King’s, “OH No Not My Baby” and really gave a great vocal performance!

Lauren Alaina did the next solo performance and even went a little personal with her performance by pulling a boy out from the crowd and inviting him up on stage while she gave her performance!

Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams were the next to take the stage with a duo performance that showed a lot of personal connection between the two! If I didn’t know better you would have thought them to be a couple! The performance was great!

Scotty McCreery took the stage and performed a solo that shocked the judges! Scotty really took the judges advice from last week and stepped outside his comfort zone and gave us a great performance!

James Durbin was another one tonight that did things different and steeped outside his norm and sung something slower and softer, although the judges didn’t have to much good to say about it, I have to give him props and say great job James!

Lauren Alaian and Scotty McCreery also performed a duo tonight, and I thought it was sweet to see these two young contestants pair up and make music!

Casey Abram who is very talented and gave a solo performance that I really enjoyed, so did Haley Reinhart!

Jacob Lusk and James Durbin paired up  and gave us the last performance of the night and I have to say all of these contestants really went beyond the line of duty and want to win this competition!

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