Extreme Couponing Recap: Who Gets Over $1,000 bucks of stuff for $21.26? Desirae Does

Tonight on episode 5 of Extreme Couponing we meet Desirae and Stephanie. Desirae Young lives in Kannapolis, NC and spends up to 60 hours each week planning for a shopping trip. Though a typical week will take much less, this episode showed her gearing up for a super sale at her local store. Yes, she has a stockpile in her house that includes 2,400 household and grocery items worth $4,000. It includes 45 bottles of dish soap, 105 deodorants, 125 hair and body wash, and 400 razors. The razors have a net worth of $4,000. By the way, they were all free to her thanks to her extreme couponing efforts which include a trick of the trade employed by even Mr. Coupon, Nate Engel. She gets many coupons out of the recycling dumpster at her local school. Yep, I AM saying she goes “dumpster diving”. The clip showed her LITERALLY in the dumpster. According to an interview on Frugal TV that was a staged thing (of course) but she has been known to literally get inside. She has some type of grabber tool she uses, too.
Referring to her stockpile, which she stores in a spare bedroom, Desirae said, “If I ever am pressed for space, that’s when I will donate or tell my neighbor’s to come over and shop because I need more room.”

Her mega shopping trip netted some good sales for the Young family. She took along a friend, Blair for this trip, I would LOVE to know if she shared any of the goods with Blair and if not, why not!??? Ok, first off she got a bunch of flavored water from a rain check. They had been priced at $1.49 each, but were on sale for a buck a bottle, but for her they’d be free because her $0.50 off coupons would be doubled. Some of the loot she picked up this trip was 20 toothpastes, 28 boxes of tissues, 45 boxes of cake and cookie mix, 59 packages of candy, and 96 bottled beverages. She had a goal to spend less than $55 for the haul, anticipating the pre-coupon price to be over $1,000. In reality, she had to split her order up into four transactions because the store only allows 10 like coupons per order. Her 1st order totaled $51.94, but she only had to pay $0.09. Her 2nd order was $92.75, but her bill was only $3.14. Order 3 was $285.92 and she owed only $17.48. Her final order was the largest at $647.05. After the shopper card discount her total went down to $364. The register locked up, but the manager and cashier hand entered and calculated each coupon. The final tally for order 4 was a whopping $0.55. Ok, so this lady went shopping and brought home $1,077.66 worth of items and paid only $21.26. My 10-year old said, “Mom, I sure hope she drives a truck. Maybe her friend drives one, too!”

It was now Stephanie Barr’s turn to impress the viewer with her extreme couponing lifestyle. She goes to the extreme that she refuses to buy cereal that costs more than $1, even if her son hates it. Seriously??? I don’t believe in spoiling a kid, but her stockpile is pretty big. Maybe they can’t afford a $2 box of cereal. Bummer!

One technique this Buford, Georgia mom uses is stalking the neighborhood looking for abandoned houses that still get the paper. Yep, she runs up the drive and snags the paper. I guess if no one else is going to take it, why not? Another technique she is proud of doing is printing off 5 sets of computer printout coupons because she has 5 computers. Apparently you must only be allowed to print off 2 coupons per computer, which by the way, would seem to be the intent of the coupon distributers. Maybe their intent isn’t to limit the coupons per family, but I’m not coupon savvy, so perhaps I am misunderstanding the intent and format of the internet printable coupons. NOT!!!

A typical week means purchasing 30 Sunday newspapers costing about $2,000 a year, but her savings outweigh that cost! The 6,000 weekly paper coupons are coupled with electronic coupons she applies right to her shopper’s card. She has over 1,400 items stored in her garage. There are 43 boxes of cereal, 162 rolls of paper products, 200 bottles of water, 60 to 70 boxes of soup, a 6 to 7 month supply of peanut butter, and a 5 ft. tall freezer completely full. She does a great job of feeding her family of four and also the other kids in the neighborhood. Her house has become the neighborhood hangout because she welcomes the teens to eat whatever they want. One of her son’s friends summed it up this way, “I don’t know anyone with this much food in their house. If there’s some type of nuclear accident, I’m coming here!”

She started couponing about 4 years prior while she was bedridden and her husband had to work two jobs. Through her couponing ventures, Stephanie’s husband was able to quit his second job, she bought a gorgeous SUV, and they live in a great house. Her job is couponing and she spends about 35 hours each week preparing for her shopping trip.

She set off for her mega shopping trip, saying it was the biggest one she’d ever gone on. Her goal was to get about $400 worth of free products. She started off good with her favorite kind of stain remover which costs $5.99. For her, she was paid $0.01 to buy each one because she had a $6 off coupon. Picking up 12 packs of candy, she explained to her 18 year old son who’d accompanied her, “I will get paid $0.25 to buy each pack.” She had $0.50 off coupons that were doubled for each pack that only cost $0.75 originally. With three carts full she bought 16 frozen pizzas, 26 packages of candy, 34 bags of rice, 300 cans of soda, and various other items. Her total came to $516.12, and then dropped to $461.35 after the shopper’s card discount. She was pretty irritated that some of her electronic coupons didn’t come thru so she altered her guess that the trip may cost $35 to $40. She really looked like she was almost in tears. I realize that could have been stress or simply being on TV, but I don’t think so. Whatever the case, it all worked out well for the Barr family, because she only paid $29.06 for her purchases. That was incredible. Yes, Desirae wins in this round of clipping, but nonetheless, who wouldn’t be happy to walk away with so much free stuff?!

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