Private Practive “God Bless the Child” 4×21 Preview: Season Changing Episode

This episode of Private Practice is going to change everything forever, decisions are going to be made that will effect everyone and it will become a challenge to decide what needs to be done for themselves and what needs to be done to keep their practice running. This episode is about a little girl who ends up in the emergency room just a little to often and this causes the doctors to launch an investigation to find out if this little girl is being abused at home.

Naomi is going to make a life changing decision but it isn’t clear right now what exactly she is going to do but in the preview video below it looks like she get out of bed with her ex- husband and her friends ex- boyfriend and this is sure to cause a ton of drama in the practice. Also hopefully we get to hear back from the medical examiner on whether or not they are in trouble for the book.


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