American Idol Recap: America Says Goodbye To Haley Reinhart

Tonight on American Idol season 10, American said goodbye to Haley Reinhart.

The 3 finialist got the chance to visit their hometowns and performan in front of thousands of people!

We got to first see Haley Reinhart visiting her hometown and seen an overwhelming flow of emotions as she seen thousands of people welcoming her back home!

Scotty McCreery also gave us some swelling eyes as we went with him on his journey back home! Scotty also had the chance of visiting his old job at the local grocery store where thousands showed up to support him!

Lauren Alaina went back to the south where she is from to visit her hometown and her highschool! Thousands of  people showed up to support her, but the most emotional part of her journey was visiting the part of the south that had got struck by the devastating tornado’s that killed hundreds of people! Lauren was overwhelmed to the loss and act of nature that the storms had on her town!

When it came time to announce which two would be staying and which one of the 3 contestants would be leaving us tonight, tension was high! With the most votes in idol history fro one contestant, tonight proved good! Scotty McCreery found out that he would be the first to find out that he was safe!

Lauren and Haley held each others hands, while Ryan was ready to announce who would be staying and competing against Scotty McCreery. Lauren Alaina was that lucky girl who will get another chance at becoming the Next American Idol!

Haley Reinhart proved that she is talented and has a promising career in the music industry, although she did not win American Idol I can bet this won’t be the last we hear from her!

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