Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Preview: Rachel Becomes a Big Loser

Tune in later tonight to watch 21-year old ‘Rachel’ get pushed to the limit, and beyond, by Chris Powell on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. The show premieres on the Makeover channel, read that ABC, tonight at 10 p.m. Each episode will feature a ‘morbidly obese’ person and will show a year in their life. We will see their dramatic transformations, one person each week, as they trim down in a more healthy way, under the guidance of Powell using a system prescribed at the California Healthy & Longevity Institute.

The idea behind the show was to prove to people you don’t need a ranch or a trainer to accomplish your weight loss goals, so stop using a lack of those two things as a crutch. The people featured on this show do have a trainer, but he is not with them day in, day out. They are on their own, sometimes, for weeks at a time learning to cope and heal.

The program is nothing like ‘The Biggest Loser’ which just ended for the summer. There are no games and they only compete against themselves. There is no re-immersion back to reality off the ranch because these “big losers” don’t leave their home, they stay in reality and learn to work through the everyday situations from day one. Don’t misunderstand me, the folks on BL did a phenominal job of losing their weight, but these people are going to lose more weight, slower and more gradually, and will hopefully be healthier for it.

Be sure to tune in tonight to watch Rachel as she works through the sweat and tears to get where she wants to be physically.


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