Dr Oz Recap: 7 Lucky Numbers For Preventing Heart Disease, and Eat Chocolate for Zinc!

On the Dr Oz Show today, Doctor Oz covered preventing heart disease, information about hernias, zinc and 30-second tests.

Dr. Oz’s 7 Lucky Numbers For Your Heart

First: 90

Your resting heart rate should never be above 90. You have a 3 times higher risk of dying if your resting heart rate is higher than 90, so it’s a very important number! If your resting heart rate is above 90, then this is a sign that your heart is not pumping very efficiently, and thatĀ  you have inflammation in your body, stress in your life or just need to exercise your heart more.

Second: 1.5

This is your daily allowance of salt, 1.5 grams which equals 1500 milligrams. This is about a teaspoon of salt, such as what you add to your food from the salt shaker. Of course, a lot of foods contain salt, so you have to take that into consideration as well. One bagel has 570 mg of salt!

Third: 100

This is the maximum number of calories in added sugar that you’re allowed to have in a day. High sugar intake causes obesity, which of course stresses your heart, but independently of that it leads to elevated cholesterol which causes plaque buildup and we all know that’s hard on your heart!

Dairy is the one exception, because lactose is a sugar but is different. You have to read labels and look for the grams in sugar (usually on the label under carbohydrates. There are 4 calories per gram, so multiply the number by 4. It doesn’t take much to get to 100!

Fourth: 25

This is the number of grams of fiber we need every day (men should get 35 grams). The more fiber you have in your diet, the more you’re protected from heart disease.

Fifth: 1

The number one is the amount of alcoholic beverages you’re allowed to have in a day. Dr. Oz says wine is good for you because of polyphenols, and beer is good because it has B vitamins in it. But you only get one serving!

Sixth: 0

Zero is the amount of trans fats you should eat. Food companies are not required to list trans fats in their foods if it’s less than half a gram. So the label can say 0 grams Trans Fat, but when you see something like “partially hydrogenated oil” or “hydrogenated” then you know it DOES have trans fat in it!

Seventh: 6

Six is the maximum number you should have in a hemoglobin A1c test. This is a blood test. If your number is higher than 6, you have insulin resistance, which Dr. Oz warns is very much a problem. You can lower your blood sugar just by adding lemon juice to your foods! Who knew!

Are You At Risk For A Hernia?

Dr. Oz says a lot of people have hernias and never know about it. Fundamentally, a hernia is when your intestines pop through a hole in the lining around your body. Your guts get strangled and dies off, which can kill you. So it would be good to know if you get a hernia so you can get it fixed!

You can get a hernia in your groin area, your belly button, and in the femoral artery area. Symptoms of a possible hernia are

  • Pain walking up and down stairs
  • Pain after lifting or bending
  • Pain after sitting or straining on toilet

To prevent hernias, bend from the knees when lifting.

Zinc: The All Important Mineral for Energy

Zinc is an important mineral that can boost your energy! The recommended daily allowance for women is 8 milligrams. Your body does not manufacture or store zinc so you need to get it in your diet every day. Zinc also helps keep your hair healthy because it helps produce keratin.

  • Dark Chocolate provides almost 10 mg of zinc in every serving!
  • Liver is another great source of zinc, but forget it…I’d rather eat chocolate!
  • Oysters are another good source of zinc, about 35 mg per 3 oysters. But again…I’d rather eat chocolate!

30-Second Tests

Dr. Oz did some 30-second tests on the show; firstly he tested for balance by having two women balance plates on their heads then stack blocks on top. The next test involved blowing ping pong balls into horseshoes, and it tested lung capacity? Next the women had to scoot on towels around cones…these were great party games for sure!

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