America’s Got Talent Houston Auditions Recap: Who Steals Show from Justin Bieber?

“America’s Got Talent” continues this season’s auditions in Houston and Texas shows why everything is bigger, especially the talent! Judges Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan, along with host Nick Cannon, introduce us to new perspectives for the “America’s Got Talent 2011.” How did everyone do this evening with Piers Morgan ratings on “America’s Got Talent?” Let’s find out…

The “America’s Got Talent” Houston auditions began with Dan Mink and Mallory Joy who form the group “Rhinestone Ropers” which started out the show with a bang…and I mean literally as in six-shooter as this guy threw knives and shot bullets at his partner as she held balloons and spun on a wheel. They were, without a doubt, sent on to Las Vegas! Following this act was no easy feat, but twin sisters called Mona Lisa were sensational singers and were put through as well. Charles Peachock made it three in a row with his lighting effects while juggling…positively entertaining!

Every season has to have that one act you want to hate but cannot not because they are so filled with talent which cannot be denied. Last year, it was Prince Poppycock. This year, it is Daniel Joseph Baker, who I wanted to hate after seeing his tape, especially when he compared himself to Lady Gaga. The flamboyant singer and keyboardist took the stage after sashaying onto it with commanding skill and talent! This guy was AWESOME (and then some!) He received a much deserved standing ovation with the judges calling him this generation’s “Liberace.”

Some of the highlighted ridiculous acts were “Tron Guy” Jay Maynard who was simply nothing more than a walking condom with Tron details and a foursome calling themselves Status B.L.A.K. attempted to dance and sing and I use the word “attempted” rather strongly while the judges provided three “X” for the Asian James Brown” which I actually found hilarious! Needless to say, none of these acts will be in Las Vegas…unless they are in the audience.

Two of the most dangerous acts during this auditions series on “America’s Got Talent” was the Sandou Trio Russian Bar team who sent Cassidy flying in the air to heights never before seen on “America’s Got Talent.” She performed a triple back flip as well as a triple back layout to land on a flexible beam. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The judges were speechless with a standing ovation and all Howie could manage was woooooo! The other act which left the audience speechless (and a bit scared) was Professor Splash who dove into a kids pool from high in the air…well, he actually belly flopped but it was incredible!

One of the two show stoppers was a female comedic singer named Dani Shay who looks just like Justin Bieber – or as she put it, “He looks like me!” I laughed so hard I about peed my pants over the lyrics to the song she sang as she bashed on Bieber! Hysterical! The second was a little guy, who at six-years-old has more personality than most adults! He performed a hip-hop dance routine which sent the crowd into frenzy! He was just too cute for words. When Howie asked if he had a girlfriend, he said yes to which Howie told him to say something to her in the monitor and he responded “Abby, I love you!” After he won a ticket to Las Vegas, he called Abby to tell her who was verbally thrilled as she screamed!

This season of “America’s Got Talent” is shaping up to be award winning, that’s for sure as we head to Minneapolis, Minnesota for more auditions!

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