America’s Got Talent Minneapolis Auditions Recap: Piers Morgan Is Missing

“America’s Got Talent” continues the search for talent in Minneapolis, Minnesota where there is no shortage of unique and unusual acts. Piers Morgan is missing as he is detained in a blizzard. Host Nick Cannon tells the audience to which Howie Mandel raises a “Hallelujah.” Apparently, no one is going to miss finding out the Piers Morgan ratings on “America’s Got Talent.” He counts as an automatic “X” so those receiving yes from Sharon and Howie go through to Las Vegas!

The first act up is an Amazon parrot that can sing and mimic animals by the name of Echo. The act is called Echo of Animal Gardens and he is incredible…almost like ventriloquism. He substituted some of the words in “Somewhere over the Rainbow” to “…birds fly over the rainbow.” We will be seeing more of Echo in Las Vegas. The St. Luke’s Bottle band was passed through as was the Halls of Magic to Las Vegas before Piers finally showed up, but not until after Sharon Osbourne stated she wished Piers was presented to which Nick Cannon brought out a cardboard cutout and placed it in the empty judge chair!

The “WOW Award” this episode goes to Lys Agnes who sang Ave Maria in an opera style which brought tears to my eyes. It was as emotional as the story behind her return to singing and why she had stopped after the death of her fiancé. At the end of the performance, all I could think of was “Why is this woman NOT singing opera on Broadway?” She is fantastic!

The funniest and most Piers irritating of the evening was the Funny Little People who was a comedy group of midgets dressed in outfits resembling the seven dwarves. They were so cute and humorous; you could not help but love them…well, unless you are Piers Morgan! They were sent on to Las Vegas but before they left the building, Howie let them share some additional time with Piers in his dressing room!

One of the most inspirational acts of the night was Silhouettes, a dance troupe of 38 children from the ages of 9 to 18 from Denver, who performed a routine which was not only one of the most unique acts I have ever seen on “America’s Got Talent,” but one of the most well executed considering the number of individuals on the stage. Piers Morgan was so impressed he stated it was the most brilliant thing he had seen in a long time! Finally, Piers gets it right. I cannot wait to see what else they bring in the future.

A few of the awful routines of this audition was the piercing female, Sid Yiddish, and Walt Winston, who claimed he had recorded 20 albums over 30 years. He was dreadful with his song titled “Truck Drivers Aren’t Supposed to Cry.” I did because this was so bad! The final act of the night was an awesome chain reaction by “The Kinetic King.” It was like dominoes but created with tongue depressors. The guy made a cute comment about practicing “safe sticks” which took Howie a minute to grasp after he asked about the goggles. As he goes on to Las Vegas, we look forward to the next series of auditions next week.


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