The Voice Recap: Vicci Martinez DELIVERS for Team Cee Lo with “Jolene”!

On “The Voice” live rounds week 2 tonight, Vicci Martinez did “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. Now this is one of my favorite songs and I think this is a great choice for her. Cee Lo thinks she needs to work on the total package though, even though she has a great voice. WhatEVer. I hope he doesn’t ruin this song for her!

Vicci knocked it out of the park! She stayed very true to the melody which cannot be improved on but she changed it up a tiny bit at the end and it was even more dramatic than Dolly’s version. I loved this song and will definitely be downloading it. Finally a good performance tonight! Good job Vicci!!!

Adam said it was such a soulful, raw and honest performance. True! Blake said she’s truly explosive and he’s a huge fan. Christina said it was very heartfelt and she was feeling it. Cee Lo said she took his advice and worked the stage like a professional and her voice is as big as the song.

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