America’s Got Talent Seattle Auditions 2 Recap: Not Much REAL Talent but Lots of Laughs!

The auditions for “America’s Got Talent 2011” returns once more to Seattle, Washington as Piers Morgan, Howie Mandel, and Sharon Osbourne sit through performance after bad performance with host Nick Cannon lending some welcomed (and necessary) comedic relief. This episode was a glimpse at the old “America’s Got Talent” and the horrendous acts which audition thinking they have any fathomable talent which was really hard to find. In this trip to Seattle, there was no REAL talent but plenty of laughs.

The show began with some guy stating he held a record for blowing up three hot waters bottles to explosion within a minute but failed (miserably) to get one blown in 90 seconds but the camera crew kept tabs on him in the lobby as he made attempt after attempt to get on to explode which he finally did. I got to admit that the man was filled with a lot of hot air!

Among the other farces was a Madonna in “two minutes” fiasco, some he-she named Alaska who took “freestyle” dancing to an all new level, and some black Chihuahua playing pool…well, actually, just chasing around the balls on the table to put them in a pocket. Sounds like a guy thing! Although she was not sent on to Las Vegas, the final act which wrote and performed songs for dead people sang a special tribute for Piers Morgan which earned high Piers Morgan ratings on “America’s Got Talent.” Why not? It put him in the spotlight!

The acts which went through to Las Vegas which were viewed as somewhat eligible was Geehy Guy who did a string of “one liner” jokes for the audience and admittedly, most of them were pretty funny. Soleil Rousseau was a dancer who practiced at her work – a fire station – definitely had talent. Seth Grabel, the acrobatic magician, was only mildly amusing with weird technique and delivery but the appearance in the balcony was pretty awesome! The BGP Band, who had been together since they were thirteen, sang far better than most of the contestants on this year’s “The Voice!” The final act going to Las Vegas from Seattle was three little guys with some mad hip hop dance skills that are only ages 8, 9, and 10 called “The Art of Teknique.” Of everyone in this audition, these kids were the best! What’s next? Who knows as we continue on next week!

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