Extreme Couponing Recap: Scott B. says, “Couponing is Manly!”


TLC aired the season finale of Extreme Couponing tonight.  It was a very energetic episode, as normal. 

Radio personality/producer Scott B., of Long Island, NY, wears the coupon pants in his family of three, soon-to-be four.  Some people might say couponing is not manly, but he was on TV tonight to share, “It is manly, because I’m a man and I coupon!”  He calls himself a save-a-holic, not so much a shopaholic. 

One of his co-workers was quoted as saying Scott thought it was, ‘blasphemy to buy something without a coupon.’  His basement is where he hoards his loot and in the stockpile there’s enough for his family to live more than a year. 

He takes great pride in his wall of diapers that cost about 1/6 of the retail cost.  His stockpile would last a year for his family and includes more than 2,400 diapers, six months’ worth of formula, 32 boxes of cereal, 400 rolls of toilet paper and enough shampoo to last two years.  Though he goes on an average of four shopping trips throughout the week, Sundays are meant for couponing both online and in the paper. 

The purpose of his mega shopping trip is to prepare to stock up on everything he might need before his very prego wife delivers.  One TIP he offered: know the stores policies, IE: can you combine e-coupons with paper coupons? How many similar coupons you use?

His goal was to get around $500 worth of goods and spend less than $35 on it.  He picked up four formula which retails for $19.99, but with $12.00 in coupons and $7.99 manufacturer checks from company that he got just for emailing them, the formula was nearly free.

There was strawberry milk for 2.99, but with $ 2.00 off coupon, he didn’t pay much for the milk. 

 The total before coupons was $429.06.  When done scanning, the cashier said to Scott, “Any coupons today?”  Scott’s response? “Of course I do!”

There was a snag when a large coupon didn’t want to work.  The manager came and fixed the situation.  The final due: $15.87.  He got high fives and applause from the crowd that had gathered.  With a 9 month pregnant wife helping push a cart, the family of three wheeled out their haul which included 15 cleaning products, 18 beverages, and 25 baby products.

The second family featured was a mom of twins who plays grocery store for fun.  Jennifer Freeman, Las Vegas, NV shared her biggest savings ever having two kids at one so she didn’t have to pay two hospital bills.   Over a decade she’s been couponing to fill her family’s needs and has more than 2100 products in four separate rooms stored up.  She had a closet that served as an in house pharmacy, and was her fave room.   There were about 100 bottles of melatonin.  There were kids’ pain relievers and lots of feminine products.  Jen said that she’d have to go into menopause before she could use all feminine products in the pharmacy.   

She took her hubby and six year old twins and was shooting for $1,000 bill, but was looking to get under $100.  The first stop: the candy aisle.   How high can you count kids? Count out 50 boxes each.  She sends hubby with kids to look for another item, but they were feminine products, definitely a TV gimmick, I can’t believe she’d knowingly do it.  With nearly 400 items in several carts they were off to the register.  Her total came to $880.98 and then the military discount of 5% came off. “My eyes are starting to flip out,” said the cashier.  Hubby looks on with concern.  She did it!  Her final was $55.90   “That’s amazing”    When they began to print the receipt, though, the total started going up, and up.  Apparently taking the military discount off before the coupons caused the price to go up because she wasn’t allowed to double dip and get a discount on stuff that was 100% free.  Her new total was $88.20.  She was not upset because, “I still met my goal of being under 100.”   She got 16 bottles of BBQ, 30 bottled beverages, 123 candies and a whole lot of other stuff.   A great shopping day, she said, “Crazy, but fun!”

I’ll be sad to see it go, but I suspect there will be a new season in the fall and I can’t wait!!

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