The Voice Recap: Frenchie Davis Flips the Bird with the Material Girl

On “The Voice” semi-finals tonight, Frenchie Davis took the stage first, and Christina Aguilera chose the song “Like a Prayer” by Madonna for her, and encouraged her to sing it prayerfully and soulfully instead of pop-y like Madonna. Hmm.

Well, Frenchie started it out pretty true to Madonna’s version and it was a little rocky. I actually think she missed a few notes and I was shocked as I don’t think Frenchie has EVER gone flat on a note. But then she changed it up and the last minute or so was really great! She turned it more into a gospel rhythm and she held some fantastic notes. If only she would have done it right the whole way through!

Cee Lo said she is his soul sister throwing it down up there…or something. Adam said this was more in her wheelhouse. Blake Shelton said the performance was a giant middle finger to anyone who thought it was not a good song choice.

Call 1-855-864-2301 or visit or download her song on iTunes to vote for Frenchie. Results of America’s votes will be aired tomorrow night so you have to vote tonight for it to count!

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