America’s Got Talent New York Auditions: These Were Fantastic Flops!

“So You Think You Got Talent” went to New York for auditions this week and even though the city was filled with crazies, it did not seem to be filled with talent. This was one of the most boring episodes this season. The judges, Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Piers Morgan along with host Nick Cannon must have had a difficult time during this leg of the search for talent.

The show started out immediately with a series of fabulous flops from “Triple Threat” a quartet of kids who sing, dance, and act (hence the name) but when it came down to it, there was not one thing about them that was threatening! This was followed by a guy cramming pumpkin pie into his face for nearly a minute and a half…okay, too much! Next up was the Boston Typewriter Orchestra and the Parrot Wizard (who looked more like an extra from “Pirates of the Caribbean”) which brought us to the first funny moment when John Pizzi used Nick as an assistant and prop dressed as a dog in his comedy act.

The first real talent came from Snap Boogie, a street performer, who was fairly good and was passed onto Las Vegas. In order to survive there against some other really good dancers, he will have to pump up the routines. We seemed to be on a roll with Michael Turco, the magician, who was fabulous as he made women appear on stage. Piers Morgan ratings on “America’s Got Talent” increased about this time, as did those of Howie Mandel! This guy did so many tricks during his time allocation I am left wondering what he will do next as he heads to Las Vegas!

The female sword swallower was just plain creepy with a very macabre personality that left me with the hebegeebies as I watched. Thank God she was not sent on! The next guy I really wanted to hate but fell in love with. Steven Ritchless is a male “pole-fessional” which means he is exotic…and a darn good one at that! It was really weird watching him in his getup but he was strong and the moves he performed were outrageous! I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next. E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G! He had REAL talent!

One of the last performers was Elew the pianist which was about as unique as they come. Although I thought it sounded like he was just banging really fast on the keys, he does have talent even though his kind of music will get boring real fast. I hated this routine but will reserve further comment until I see what transpires in Las Vegas which is where he is going next!


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