Dr. Phil Season 10 Opens with Casey Anthony’s Parents – BANG!

Season 10 of the Dr. Phil Show is opening with quite the bang: an exclusive interview with Casey Anthony’s parents, Cindy and George Anthony on September 12.

Perhaps the most notorious trial of the century so far, Casey Anthony’s trial and acquittal of murder and child abuse in Florida riveted the nation. Virtually convicted by public and opinion and the press, Casey’s defense was that her daughter died of an accidental drowning in the pool and she covered it up because of fear due to having been abused by her stepfather. (Source, ABC News).

Casey Anthony’s defense hurled accusations at George Anthony, the stepfather, claiming he had been sexually abusing Casey for years. The defense’s opening statement indicated that George hid the body himself and tried to implicate Casey in her death so his abuse would not get found out.

Now George Anthony (the stepfather) and Cindy Anthony (the mother) will be on the Dr. Phil show to ask them the questions we wanted to ask them and never could. You know Dr. Phil will get to the bottom of this story, and in the video preview below, it appears that Cindy Anthony has an explanation that nobody has ever heard before. This will be in interesting episode of the Dr. Phil Show for sure…set your DVRs and don’t miss it!

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