America’s Got Talent: The Semi-Finals Week 14 Results

Week 14 on America’s Got Talent finished off the Semi-Finals. The votes are in and tallied and America has spoken.

Gymkana, Steven Reckless, and the Silhouettes were the first performers called to the AGT stage. America voted and the Silhouettes get to keep their dream alive a little longer.

Next, Nick called solo artists Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr, and Anna Graceman to the stage. Howie said it was like comparing apples and oranges to choose between these two. Apparently America wants a fruit salad because they both got chosen! At first Nick said only Anna was chosen, but then he told a very happy Landau that he was moving to the finals, too.

Summerwind Skippers, Landon Swank, Professor Splash, and Fatally Unique were thrown onto the stage with only two slots left to fill. And act number four will be Landon Swank. Piers reminded him he was one great trick away from making it to the top five on America’s Got Talent.

It all came down to the Kinetic King, Snap Boogie, and the Smage Brothers. The King was sent home, but it was amidst a standing ovation from Piers. That left the judges to choose between the riders and the dancer. The Smage Bros. said, “We put our whole lives into this and we really want to make our families proud and we want people to know more comes from Wisconsin besides cheese and beer.”

Snap said he should go forward because he will not fail to entertain the judges. Nick said, “Their future is in your hands so choose wisely.” No pressure!

Sharon said, “I’d like to put them both through, but I can’t!” She told the Smage’s that she loved that it’s a family affair. She told Snap she appreciated that he’s been doing it all on his own and he’s blessed with an incredible talent. Sharon voted for Snap. Piers said before last night he’d have voted for Snap, but he thought the Smage Bros. were sensational last night, so he voted for them. That left Howie to break the tie. He thought both groups were amazing, but said he wanted to see more Smage Brothers!!

So there you have it AGT fans! The final ten for the 2011 America’s Got Talent season are the Smage Brothers, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr, Anna Graceman, Landon Swank, the Silhouettes, Miami All Stars, Team iLuminate, the West Springfield Dance Team, Lys Agnes, and Poplyfe.

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