The NEW Survivor “Hunger Games” Is About to Take Over With Higher Stakes!

The first clip seen of the NEW Survivor “Hunger Games” appeared during the VMA’s on MTV a couple of weeks ago. From all trailers available, this looks like it could be the smash hit next year with a release date scheduled for March 23, 2012. The Lionsgate film, directed by and co-written by Gary Ross, takes a disturbing look at the future of North America where the infrastructure has collapsed and reality television has taken center stage for the new governing body called Panem. It is based on the New York Bestseller list novels by the same. It looks like this could be setting up for another series like “Harry Potter” and “Twilight.”

With some aspects similar to Hanna of wilderness survival against being hunted by the enemy combined with the teamwork concept required to win The Amazing Race, “Hunger Games” becomes the new reality television show concept to Survivor with higher stakes…death to the loser! Famine, drought, and war have shaken the foundations of North America, leaving a country which has been divided into “The Capitol” and twelve districts. There is an annual competition called the “Hunger Games” with two representatives from each district selected through lottery that are challenged with survival in the televised competition which all citizens are forced to watch. The purpose is intimidation as a measure of control over the conquered districts as well as a barbaric form of entertainment.

Primrose Everdeen (Willow Shields) is selected as the mining district’s representative (District 12) whose sister, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), volunteers to replace her and partner with Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) as contestants vying for the coveted prize…life! The two face stronger and bigger opponents whose lives have revolved around the games with Katniss coming face to face with choices that pit survival against humanity and life against love. Who will be the victor and how will this change the precepts Katniss has about life in general?

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