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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Get…Well…REAL on Life and Death!

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” producers wanted to address the issue of the Russell Armstrong suicide who died after the filming of this season. Prior to the season premiere, all of those who were involved were gathered to talk about feelings and voice support for Taylor Armstrong who was not present. Among some of the sentiments of feeling guilty for focusing on the issues Taylor was having with the breakup of the marriage and not really seeing how it had affected Russell thinking perhaps if they had seen the trouble, they would have been able to help. All agree they only knew what Taylor allowed them to see. Such a sad way to start the season, but it doesn’t end with getting real about death on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”…the girls (and Ken) get real about life at dinner!

Last season, Kyle and Kym Richards has a HUGE blowout which basically ruined their sister connection and that animosity still lingers as Kym talks about the estrangement which daughter, Kimberly, has to run interference on. Kyle, who is packing up the house with husband, Mauricio and daughters Portia, Sophia, and Alexia, pulls the drama card with tears in eyes stating she does not know how to fix this while in the same breath telling the audience her house is too small and they are moving up! Isn’t this pompous attitude what caused the Russell’s suicide because reality could not measure up to the appearances? We will follow developments on the Kyle and Kym Richards feud.

Lisa and Ken Vanderpump, the English “holier than thou” duo with daughter Pandora will probably be celebrating wedding preparations this season as it was unveiled Pandora’s boyfriend of four years, Jason, has asked Ken for permission to marry his daughter. How old-fashioned and sweet! Camille is sorting out what Kelsey has sent from the Hampton’s home to Malibu following the finalization of their divorce as she prepares for life after Kelsey Grammer.

Adrienne and Paul Maloof go at it while Bernie, the Maloof’s chef, tries to remain neutral about the menu for the upcoming dinner party even though Paul is stomping all over his professionalism like a bull in a China shop. Taylor runs into Kyle who is buying a dress for the party and is stressing about how to Lisa will react is she discovers the run-in with Cedrick. Who cares? As everyone arrives at the Maloof’s house for the dinner party, it becomes a toy dog showdown.

Adrienne starts in on Paul who is making an *ss of himself at the dinner table and while she is calling him out, Bernie frets in the kitchen. The conversation starts to revolve around divorce and therapy which Taylor announces she finally got Russell to agree to go to counseling in order to save the marriage. Ken jumps in and states that he considers it a weak man who goes to therapy to discuss problems (more or less) which sets Taylor off who runs to the bathroom. Kyle comforts her before returning to the table to blast Ken about insensitivity. Remember Kyle, it’s a British thing! Isn’t that what you just told Taylor in the bathroom?

Dinner basically comes to an abrupt halt when Ken allows Jiggy the dog to drink champagne from one of Adrienne’s $650 glasses before taking a swig himself. Are you kidding me? Adrienne about lost it as Bernie begins to fume in the kitchen and the rest of the guests at the dinner table sits stunned. Taylor returns where Ken asks if he offended her to which she replies “Yes.” That’s enough for Lisa as she packs up the dog and leaves the party with Ken following closely behind. Leave it to Kyle to clear a room. Why do all the season opener dinner parties start off on a bad foot? It is not looking too good for this season but we haven’t even added in the new wives who will be joining. Look for Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife and Dana Wilkey to make appearances although not as “official” “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”


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    I feel so bad for all of the BHHW as knowing the out come to everything that un folded is just sad. Was Taylor having problems – clearly – she needed a Dr. in CO. I would have called 911. All ladies were willing to help but what could they really do. Each person has had ups and downs – but – abuse is nothing to roll your eyes at – Domestic Violence is real. It is easy for one to say they would leave – however women or men – rarely leave right away – they think it will get better – false promise – the kids are never the same. She needs help now more then ever and I hope that I never witness a persons cry’s for help and others eyes rolling – I won’t watch any longer as coming from a women who was abused and filed a restraint and had to go to court repeatedly – as the person receiving the restraint are allowed to file motions after motion – I left my great job my home – took my daughter and the pets and all i could fit in my car and relocated and stated over. I did this alone. That was 14 years ago – I will never re-marry – I am 53 and work two jobs earn less then 25,000.00 a year and i have an education. However – I am alive and so is Taylor – she needs help with her child and help each day with her mental status. Which may never be the same. He who cast the first stone. To me her husband was the abuser – this is why he took his life – he knew he couldn’t harm her any more so he harmed her in a way that would last forever. Sad. Thank-you – I enjoyed the show until now. Sharing your true life….I couldn’t even go down that road.

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