“Big Brother 13” Spoiler: Part Two of Three Part Final HOH Competition Completed!

This afternoon, CMR has the privilege of bringing you an update as to what is happening in the “Big Brother 13” house. Since there will not be a televised show on Sunday, the only information obtainable until the final episode on Wednesday night is what is made available through the “Big Brother 13” live feeds.

ALERT! “Big Brother 13” spoiler AHEAD!

In this “Big Brother 13” spoiler part two of the three part final HOH competition was played this afternoon. It was something to do with being underwater and finding pieces to a puzzle in a contest with the backdrop of Atlantis and fish in the pool. The contestants needed to use nose plugs as well as goggles in the murky water. It was considered an endurance by Porsche as well as obviously challenging as both Porsche and Adam are pretty cut up. There was the mention of matching houseguest names. Apparently, Rachel did not compete due to winning Thursday night’s first part of the HOH competition and was required to remain in the house where she spent time in the purple room. It appears that Porsche won the second part of the three part HOH competition. Adam is expressing severe disappointment and depression, thinking he will not be one of the houseguests who will be the final two. It is a strong possibility that it will be Rachel and Porsche sitting in those chairs since in the bathroom they were seen scheming.

As the houseguests recover from the injuries and eat dinner, Rachel (as always) needs to bring Brendon into the conversation. Adam pops open a beer, Rachel complains about boiling the brush which did nothing while pouring a glass of Sangria, and Porsche thinks a movie would be awesome…hoping “Big Brother” is listening!

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