Warrior Makes Dismal Debut: Weekend Box Office Results 9/11

Expecting a Holiday Weekend boost at the box office was something Lionsgate films was hoping for and it didn’t pan out. Box Office Mojo is reporting that Warrior will finish in a dismal third place behind “The Help”, which has ruled the box office the last five weeks. Contagion will be on top with earnings around $23 million and “The Help” will stay in second place with a total five week take of over $137 million and taking in $8.6 million this weekend. Warrior has gotten rave reviews from many sources and it is a shock to see it only do $5.6 million in its opening weekend. “The Debt” came in fourth place with $4.9 million and “Colombiana” was fifth with an even $4 million. “Apollo 18” took a big hit and only managed to bring in 42.9 million. With only one film, “Contagion”, bringing in over $10 million, this shows that movies were not a top priority on anyone’s agenda this weekend. Will “Warrior” make a comeback next week? It will be hard to knock off “Contagion” and we have another powerful action movie “Drive”, starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, that will be competing for the top spot.

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