Bachelor Pad Finale: Kasey and Vienna Advance but Do They Make it to the Final Two?


This evening on CBS, Chris Harrison hosts the season two finale of the “Bachelor Pad.” The final four couples – Kirk and Ella, Kasey and Vienna, Graham and Michelle, and Michael and Holly – will go head-to-head in a competition in Las Vegas…one which will test individual resolve as well as partnership of each couple. As they stand in an elaborate theatre, Chris reveals the competition will be to perform a routine using the Cirque du Soleil monolithic performance stage which is a 100-foot vertical platform. Each couple will train with a Cirque du Soleil performer and given one day to learn and prepare for the presentation. They will be judged by a panel of three based on technical ability, showmanship, chemistry, and effort. The panel of judges are Tristan (Bachelorette #1), Jason (Bachelor #1), and the injured Bachelorette Ali. Who will win the rose and who will be sent packing?

Chris Harrison reaffirms the rules before the teams are to take to the stage. The winners will receive roses and be confirmed as one of the final two couples; the losers will be sent home empty handed. Again, as with all the competitions, all that is heard from Ella is how she needs to win this money for her son. Is there any doubt that at the end she would choose to keep everything for herself, leaving Kirk standing penniless as he most certainly would be one to share?

 As the team’s practice, it is clear Michael feels comfortable with this challenge while Michelle is so nauseated she feels like throwing up. Kirk and Ella are both almost panic stricken as Kasey and Vienna think they have this in the bag! This couple is UNBELIEVEABLE! They are ridiculous thinking there is nothing the other can do without them…really? How egotistical can two people be? While all the other partnerships practice, Kasey and Vienna sleep!

The day of the competition arrives and first up is the red team of Graham and Michelle. Although they get off to a rough start, the routine is halfway decent but done in slow motion and without much showmanship. The next team is the yellow team of Kirk and Ella. This is a bust from the start as Ella panics and cannot seem to get a fix on working the gear. Kirk struggles as well making all parts of the performance rough. Kasey and Vienna (blue team) bring it on with nearly professional synchronization in a performance which is actually pretty good, putting the fear in the green team of Michael and Holly. Never fear as the green team pulls out the stops with an almost realistic fight scene followed by some theatrics by Michael and a great cartwheel ending by Holly. Complete trust and teamwork for sure which is why they win the rose! The losing team is Kirk and Ella who are sent home with Ella suffering a complete meltdown over the money and feeling she left her partner down!

When the final three couples return to the “Bachelor Pad,” Michael and Holly meet with Kasey and Vienna who plead a case to stay based on the fact they have actually played the game and not floated through like Graham and Michelle. Michael ages and when they talk to Graham and Holly, Michael flat out states if he and Holly take Kasey and Vienna to the final two, they will win; however, if it is Graham and Michelle who is taken, Michael feels he and Holly will lose…so it’s just a game! Graham gets upset because he thought friendship was more important to Michael. In the end, it is as Michael and Holly choose Graham and Michelle to go to the final two, sending the rejected Kasey and Vienna teary-eyed home!

In the limousine, it is Vienna crying and blaming Kasey for losing, stating he ended her perfect rose streak. OMG! This guy has to be crazy to stay with the crazy woman. What will happen during the “Bachelor Pad” vote? They will probably find some way to manipulate that to their favor and against Michael and Holly.

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