Guess Who’s Bad Now In 5-0? Terry O’Quinn Joins On Hawaii Five-O Recap

On the season 2 premier of Hawaii Five-0 Ha’i’ole, Steve McGarrett is sitting in jail for the murder of the Governor, who was actually killed by Wo-Fat, who also killed McGarrett’s father, sending the prior SEAL back to Hawaii in the first place (just in case you needed catching up!). Meanwhile, Chin is back with HPD and Kono is also under arrest for the break-in at the police locker. Terry O’Quinn is guest staring as Steve’s SEAL trainer. Get excited everybody!

It’s been one week and it’s time for the Governor’s memorial service. Chin is there, while Danny meets with Terry and Kono is on a surf board. Chin sees Wo-Fat at the memorial service and we all know….he’s still really Five-0! Steve’s doing pushups in his cell when Danny stops by, with no tie, and a friend – Lt. Commander Joe White. He says the Lt. Governor is a no-tolerance guy and want’s McGarrett punished, but “we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen” and we move to Chin who tells Wo-Fat “we know it was you, and it’s a matter of time before you trade places with McGarrett.” I love this “we” thing. McGarrett gets an hour outside, and gets into a knife fight with the Victor Hesse, who actually killed his father. McGarrett gets stabbed, but is given some kind of instructions as a clear set-up. And credits.

At Five-0, Danny and Joe meet up with Chin and gets the call about McGarrett. The boys go off to see Hesse who tells him he tried to save McGarrett and get rid of Wo-Fat who has some lose ends to tie up and then disappear. Meanwhile, our good ol’ Steve has knocked out the ambulance workers and jumped out the back. That’s my boy!

HPD is out in full force and Steve runs to a gas station restroom to try and clean up his, very disgusting, wound. Bad luck shows up though, and a cop comes in to pee, thus causing a bathroom fight where Steve then takes his clothes. Joe meets with Jenna who gets a call about McGarrett. Joe says patience was never his strong suit and takes a picture of John’s medal, saying McGarrett will be fine because he trained him. Speaking of Steve, he’s broken into Max’s house and passed out in the kitchen.

Max cleans him up and asks Steve how he got the wound when Steve says, “I got shanked in prison, Max.” That just made my day. Danny and Chin show up and Danny berates him, but Chin asks if he’s okay. Joe calls and wants him to go to an address but Danny protests. However, Steve says it never works, so let’s just go, in Max’s car. In the car, Steve asks Danny what’s up, and Danny says Rachel is moving back….with Stan. Apparently she was further along then she thought, but he’s fine. He’s more worried about his car, which Max is driving.

Danny and Steve arrive to see Joe, who has found the original owner of the medal. Makoto bombed Pearl Harbor, and became friends with John. Their shared view of corrupt Hawaiian politics lead John to finding out about the Governor and Wo Fat. Kono has tracked down Wo-Fat to a ship, and a Kurt Hauff, when she’s attacked.

Jenna goes to see Kamekona to “use his restroom.” One cherry sno-cone later, she brings a locker key to the boys who are waiting in the back. At the locker, Steve finds an SD card which shows John setting up a hidden camera in the Govenor’s office. Chin and Steve go in search for it, but don’t realize they’re being followed by HPD. They find the camera, hidden in a clock, and explain it to the Lt. Governor.

Joe and Steve have a talk about John, and Joe says he saw him cry just twice, at his mother’s funeral, and the day he sent Steve away. Steve looks like he’s about to cry, when police show up. However; Danny, Chin and the Lt. Governor rush in to save the day and clear him of all charges, but Kono’s still under IA investigation. Danny asks where she is, well Danny, she’s stuffed in a trunk, fighting off the henchmen with her hands tied! She calls Chin and tells them to get to the pier now before Wo-Fat disappears.

The whole team is in pursuit, the boys in a boat and Kono and Joe are after Kurt. Danny and Steve jump to the boat and Chin gets the best shot, one handed, driving the boat, but Wo-Fat isn’t there…but the money is. They catch one of his goons, and set him free – in order to get to Wo-Fat. Everyone gathers at Five-0 for a beer, but Danny sticks to his office, looking at the surveillance, of a meeting with Wo-Fat, the Governor….and his father. They want to go speak to Hesse again…but guess who just slit his throat, dressed as a cop? But the real shocker….Jenna’s driving the getaway car! I KNOW! I totally didn’t see that coming either!

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