Dr. Oz’s Holistic Health Guide with Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra (Recap)

On today’s Dr. Oz show, Doctor Oz teamed up with Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra to reveal a definitive guide to holistic health. He says this is the only guide you will ever need, so take notes! In case you missed anything, here is a detailed recap of today’s show.

Avoid Toxic Fats

According to Deepak, hydrogenated fats and processed fats are toxic. Margarine, vegetable shortening and products that contain these things are toxic to your body.

Rule #1: Do oil sniff test. If you smell something rancid then avoid that product — it contains toxic fats.

Rule #2: Store Food Smartly. Don’t stock up on anything that contains fats, or buy bulk oil. If you do have to store these foods for any length of time, store away from air, heat and light.

Rule #3: Replace animal protein with vegetable protein. Vegetable proteins like seitan, tempah, quinoa and white beans are all great ways to get protein without any toxic fats.

Rule #4: Cook with low temperature instead of high temps. The higher the temperature you cook your food at, the more toxic changes occur in it. Dr. Oz demonstrated on some sugar. He turned some really high heat on it, and it started to bubble and basically caramelize. This process forms AGE’s (Advanced Glycation End products) which are inflammatory and cause cancer. Dr. Weil says if you must grill meat, marinate it first. But steaming meat, baking at low temps or sauté slowly.

Rule #5: Add on supplements to your diet. Deepak recommends adding Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin E and Carotenoids to your diet to protect your cells against cancer.

Rule #5: Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods. Dr. Weil considers these foods to be insurance against aging and disease.

  • Berries (don’t impact your blood sugar)
  • Black Cod (also called sablefish or butterfish, contains more omega-3’s than salmon)
  • Bok choy (stir fry)
  • Ginger (use in any form, one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs)

Rule #6: No “light” olive oil. Look for cold-pressed or expeller-pressed olive oil.

3 Ways to Protect Your Brain from Alzheimer’s Disease

Lots of people are afraid of losing their minds, but Dr. Weil says there are a lot of lifestyle changes you can do to delay the onset or even prevent it from happening. When you get Alzheimer’s your hippocampus gets a hole in it and the cortex of your brain shrinks. But since this disease begins as inflammation in the brain, being on an anti-inflammatory diet is KEY. Additionally:

1. Take supplements that enhance memory. Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant. Take 20 IU per day. Also take Gingko (600 mg per day) and Phosphatidylserine (PS). This is a naturally-occurring lipid that feeds brain cells. Take 200mg twice a day.

2. Eat to protect your brain. Deepak Chopra eats Brazil nuts every day, a hardboiled egg for the choline in it, and 3-4 cups of coffee per day. People who drink coffee have less incidence of Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Yay!

3. Use Dr. Oz’s Triple-Threat Seasoning. Mix up 1 part turmeric, 2 parts sage, 3 parts ginger and use this seasoning on your food. You can also use it as a rub before cooking.

4. Try taking Acetyl L-Carnitine to help boost your memory. 1,000mg per day.

How to Protect Yourself from the Effects of Stress

Dr. Weil says stress is the number one reason we age, and the fact is that it’s impossible to live life without it. There is no such thing as a stress-free life. But there are ways to manage it, and there are things you can do to protect your body and mind from the harmful effects of it.

Beat the Sunday-Night Stress Blues

  • Dr. Weil recommends a winter squash soup for Sunday nights, as it’s really easy to make (ahead) and very good for you. Click here for the recipe.
  • Take Holy Basil supplement. It comes as an extract at health food stores, and you should follow the dosage recommendations on the bottle. Take twice a day and stay on it for a few months to experience the full effect.
  • Change your alarm clock so that it wakes you up gently.

Beat PMS Stress

  • Reduce caffeine during that time of the month.
  • Black Currant Oil: take 500mg twice a day at the start of the week.

Beat Road Rage and Sitting-in-Traffic Stress

Dr. Oz says your chance of dying of a heart attack increases dramatically after sitting in traffic for three hours. Dr. Weil recommends a specific breathing practice he calls the 4-7-8 Breath. Breathe in through your nose for a count of 4, hold for a count of 7, then breathe out through your mouth for a count of 8. Repeat for 4 breath cycles while playing relaxing music. Repeat as necessary. Click here for a downloadable playlist of music from Dr. Oz.

Natural Ways to Eliminate Exhaustion

Deepak says you have to learn to increase your metabolism to boost your energy.

  1.  Drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning. This gets things moving.
  2. Massage your hands and feet with sesame oil before you leave the house for the day. You can also put a little on your ear lobes. This calms the nervous system and decreases stress hormones.
  3. Eat your main meal at lunchtime. You’ll digest it properly and it will be converted to energy instead of fat.
  4. Drink a cup of ginseng tea with lunch. This increases your metabolism and aids in digestion
  5. To boost energy at night, drink Deepak’s herbal cocktail. Mix equal parts of lemon juice, ginger root juice, water and honey. This aids in digestion. Follow this with a valerian root supplement, which is a natural sleep aid.

Medicine-Cabinet Must-Haves

For cough, Dr. Weil recommends breathing steam with oregano oil. Put a few drops of the oil in a bowl of steaming water, then breath in the vapors. You can also rub the oil of oregano on your chest.

Deepak remedy for cough is to swallow a teaspoon of honey with a sprinkle of turmeric on it.

For indigestion, Dr. Weil uses a licorice extract called DGL. Chew up two tablets when needed, or before eating, after eating or at bedtime — whatever you need. Deepak, on the other hand, says he does not get indigestion but if he did, he would squeeze a little lemon juice on some ginger root before every meal

For tension headaches, Dr. Weil says there is nothing better than neck and shoulder massage. Hear, hear! For vascular headaches like migraines, take an herbal extract called Butterbur. 75mg twice a day dramatically reduces the incidents of migraines.

Deepak recommends a specific meditation for headaches of any kind. Hold your hands palm up and watch your breath for a few quiet minutes. Focus on your heartbeat and tell your heart to slow down. Move your awareness to your fingertips and try to feel your heart beating in your fingertips. This diverts the blood away from your brain, thereby eliminating the headache.

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