Survivor South Pacific Recap: The Immunity Idol is Discovered at One Camp but by WHO?

“Survivor: South Pacific” recap tonight starts with a quick review of what happened last week. This included the teams meeting one another, getting camps set up, and the first immunity competition which was won by the Upolu tribe making the Savaii tribe determining who would be eliminated at tribal council. Semhar was the first to be sent to Redemption Island. No one had found the immunity idols at camp but will this week be different?

Ozzy looks for and discovers the immunity idol at the Savaii tribal camp while only the clue is found at the Upolu tribal camp just prior to the second immunity competition. Brandon reveals to Coach he is the nephew of nemesis Russell Hantz and they pray…for? Coach is probably asking not to be duped once more while Brandon is requesting guidance against Mikayla and the ability to redeem the Hantz family name.

The second immunity challenge involves unraveling four strips of ribbon by four tribal members which have been braided up a pole to release a key ring.  The keys unlock the remaining four tribal members who will move huge crates in a puzzle until the largest is able to be removed. Together, all tribe members will carry the crate to the platform to win. In addition to immunity, the winning tribe will receive comfort in the form of pillows, a hammock, blankets, and mats. The Upolu tribe sits odd member Edna out but loses to the Savaii tribe.

Back at camp, Brandon lets it be known he wants Mikayla out because she threatens his marriage vows as he thinks of her as a jezebel but Coach wants to get Christine out, probably due to the personal attack last week at the beginning of the game. She had not found the immunity idol so it is still hidden somewhere at the Upolo camp as they head to tribal council. At tribal council, it is clear they are no really clear loyalties and trust is a major issue with Edna considered the weakest link but protected by Coach, Christine being thrown under the bus by Coach while Brandon maintains desire to oust Mikayla. Who is voted out of the tribe this week?

The voting is actually surprising as Edna and Sophie each receive a vote while Stacie receives three votes and is tied with Christine who has three as the final vote is revealed. It was Christine who was sent packing to Redemption Island to face off with Semhar next week. It looks as though Brandon has remained true to his alliance with Coach as there were no votes cast for Mikayla. What happens next week is anyone’s guess!


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