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Mere Gets Fired While A Sink Hole Buries April In Chaos In Grey’s Anatomy Recap

It’s the season 8 premier of Grey’s Anatomy and it’s a two-parter! On the first part, “Free Falling” Meredith has to deal with the repercussions of tampering with Derek’s Alzheimer’s trial…basically, being fired with a new baby. Owen refuses to speak to Cristina who hasn’t had the abortion, and Alex becomes the scourge of the hospital.

It’s morning and it’s a married couple fighting. Zola wakes Cristina and Meredith up while Derek and Owen commiserate over the two living in “Derek’s house.” Yeah, that house is Mere’s! Derek asks if April told Owen how they were, and he says no…apparently they don’t care. Asses. Well, Derek is, I feel bad for Owen. Alex meanwhile wakes up in a hospital bed (good, he’s been kicked out!) and Teddy having some baby talk with Arizona and Callie.

April tries to rally the new interns and doctors as Chief Resident, but has no luck. Seriously, why did Owen pick her? Cristina and Mere have a talk about “being unforgivable” to their spouses, and Cristina says she’s ready for the abortion at 6pm. Arizona chastizes Alex about his Peds application to her and says he narked on a fellow surgeon living in the hospital with bad breath, he must feel like crap.

Back to the arguing couple in the car, she wants out – back to Meredith, she’s getting fired by the Chief who’s very sad about it. The couple in the car – she gets out of the car and the husband says it’s over, and is then swallowed by a sink hole. As the ambulances pull up, everyone waits outside and Meredith tells Cristina, in eyesight of Alex, that she just got fired and Cristina goes all ninja on Alex.

Callie and Owen are sent to the site, to save Danny and Suzannah (the couple). Danny’s fine, but Suzannah’s leg is stuck under the car, and he won’t leave without her, and is going to talk him through amputating the leg. Alex is being sent back, and as he goes to get in the ambulance, he finds silly bands on a man’s hand, finding a child buried by the sink hole.

One of the interns freaks out and Meredith, who for some reason hasn’t left, goes to help when Bailey steps in. Alex and Owen work on saving the child, Nick, and at the hospital, Derek and Mark look over his father, who thanks to Avery, has a wicked face scar. Cristina tells Meredith to come up with a plan to get back in and goes off with Teddy.

Callie is doing a fine job talking Danny through sawing off Suzannah’s leg, but he hits a snag and Owen decides to go down telling Callie, “You have a wife and a child” and then leaves. Yeah, last time I checked, YOU have a wife Owen! Speaking of Cristina, she’s paged by Meredith who says her plan is to be a mom. She thinks Cristina wants to be a mom too, but Cristina says she doesn’t, and she’s sad and scared and wished Owen got it. Owen finishes the sawing, and sends Danny up while he gets Suzannah ready, and I see this going badly for some reason (cough cough SHONDA).

Derek yells at Meredith about speaking to Janet, as she packs up and tells her not to do anything else. April has sent the wrong man down for a Spleen removal and I can tell Bailey has had it. As Meredith leaves, Alex stops her but doesn’t say anything and then Owen tells Mere to move, they have patients. Mere, in one of her finer moments, tells Owen that Cristina hasn’t had the abortion, and instead of loving her, he’s punishing her. Having a child she doesn’t want will kill Cristina, and as a child that stood in her mother’s career, Meredith tells Owen in finer language than I’ll say, “get over yourself, and stop icing her out!” Now if only Cristina could say that to Derek!

Alex goes to the Chief and tells him to let him speak to the board to get Meredith her job back. He wants to say he lied and didn’t see what he saw, because it’s on him. Bailey pages everyone down to the pit to get “a gunther” in Suzannah’s injuries. Janet talks to Meredith about possibly taking Zola, so what does Meredith do? Takes Zola herself. Great.

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