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“Amazing Race” Puts the “Amazing” in the “Race” for Funds to Donate to an Indonesian Orphanage!


The second leg of the “Amazing Race” takes the teams to Indonesia where they will compete to avoid being the last two teams in this double elimination. The first challenge is spelunking which Bill and Cathi arrive to first after coming in last and being the last flight out. However, since they were last, they face a speed bump of untangling the rope before the challenge can begin. The challenge is to retrieve artifacts from caves below and climb a bamboo ladder for the clue.

The detour this leg is to choose between being money makers dancing in the streets to earn 30,000 rupiah to donate to the orphanage which houses children from the volcano tragedy or to be a ticket taker parking motor bikes to earn 15,000 rupiah. At the orphanage, the teams are directed to leave all of the money in their possessions which only a couple teams see the first time around, sending most of the teams backtracking to the orphanage to leave the remainder of their money and costing some who arrived first to be cast into last place and eliminated. Who was eliminated tonight on the “Amazing Race?”

Ernie and Cindy were at the pit stop first but had to backtrack to the orphanage after not having left all of the money making room for Tommy and Andy to be first and receiving a trip to Ireland for a week. Laurence and Zac saw the sign and left all of their money the first time around and are second. Kaylani and Lisa are third with Ernie and Cindy returning for fourth. Liz and Marie arrive fifth followed by Jeremy and Sara. Bill and Cathi make it back in time to be seventh with Justin and Jennifer in eighth. The last team to arrive which is safe is Amani and Marcus. Ethan and Jenna who had to go back as well as Ron and Bill who were sent backtracking were the last teams to arrive and each were eliminated.

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