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Hugh Jackman Says Real Steel is the Real Deal for Families

Australian actor and musician Hugh Jackman showed up on the set of Live! with Regis & Kelly to talk about his new movie set to be released nationwide on Friday, October 7.  The film, Real Steel, is about a former boxer, forced to leave the ring and work as a promoter when robots take over the boxing ring.  The movie is set in the future. This movie of discovery and relationships highlights Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) and his son Max (Dakota Goyo). 

 Jackman said it is an underdog story that is a very touching father/son film.  “I watched it with my mother-in-law, my wife, and my kids and they all loved it!” said Hugh.  There will be appeal for sci-fi movie goers as the movie has a lot of robots and computer techie stuff in it.  It will appeal to women for the relational aspect, not to mention to the hunky lead actor.  It will appeal to men and boys because of the boxing and robots.  The sisters, big and small, will appreciate the charm of 12-year old Dakota!

 Jackman also talked about the thrill of being the host of 81st Academy Awards.  He described when Steven Spielberg called him and the shock he felt.  Hugh is best known, perhaps, for his role “Wolverine” in the 2000 film release of X-Men and then the sequels that followed. 

 Real Steel is coming to a theater near you on Friday, October 7, 2011 and is rated PG-13 for some violence, intense action, and brief language. There is also rumors of a sequel in the making, if Real Steal turns out to be a real money maker.

Disclaimer:  IMDb  reports this movie to have mild language, however, it lists that the a** word is said twice (once calling his dad that), there is also sh** and a few other mild profanities.  HOWEVER, they also use the F-word once. 

I, personally, would LOVE to see movie goers protest movies with this type of “minor” language to send a message to move makers letting them know that “minor” language does nothing to enhance the movie and that we’re tired of our kids being exposed to such garbage!  I fully intended to take my four children to see this movie this weekend, but now, that plan has changed!   What a disappointment.


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