Simon Cowell of the “X Factor” Compliments Kelly on Live! Today

Simon Cowell talked of his childhood and the troublemaker that he was with Regis and Kelly this morning.  When he was a kid, he set fire to a Father Christmas costume and later, as an 11-year-old, he held up a taxi driver with a paint gun.  But these days he is a little mellower, though his schedule is a little messed up.  He has a habit of staying up till the wee hours of the morning and then drinking himself to sleep.  A FYI about Simon: he likes taking milk baths and drinking cold beer and insists that going to bed happy by drinking some cold beer and calling good friends and then waking up happy by drinking five smoothies and watching cartoons is the way to live life.  He acted as if he was still on the beer buzz really!  He further confirmed that possibility while Kelly was telling him about her favorite “X Factor” contestant.  In the middle of it he blurted out, “Do you know who you look like today when she was cute?  Michelle Pfeiffer!” Can we say random?

On the topic of leaving American Idol, he said he was on “Idol” for 9 years, “Which in dog years is 63 years” and had been crossing the ocean doing “X Factor” so it was time to bring “X Factor” to the United States.  When asked what he thinks of the new panel on “American Idol” he said he could see where it was going when he heard the promos saying, “It’s a new beginning.  Every voice deserves to be heard.”  Cowell, with a smile on his face, asked “I wonder who they were having a dig at?”  They all agreed he started the trend with the honest Brit judge.

He agreed he must really like Paula because they argue so well.  When she quit “Idol” he said he was impressed she stuck to her guns, but told her when he brought “X Factor” across the ocean, he said he wanted to have her on board with him. “X Factor” will have a unique episode tonight because there are more cameras shooting more angles, some of them hidden to give a better look at what the judges see.  He also talked about DOA’s, which is a young talented female artist’s status.  They are termed this because the female judges, Nicole Scherzinger  and Paula Abdul, get rid of them right off the bat, according to Cowell.

According to, Cowell and L.A. Reid are the most controversial of the four “X Factor” judges and were quoted as throwing out some of the following quotes from an episode last month:

Reid to Ashley Sansone: “You were getting on my nerves when you were talking, but when you started singing, I wanted to slit my wrists.”

Cowell said to a contestant: “Here’s the problem. … And I know that I’m English, but I couldn’t understand a single word that you had to say. The problem is, it’s your voice.”

Reid to a contestant who claimed she can see ghosts: “I’m fascinated by you on many, many levels, but the singing was the least of them.”

Cowell: “This is going to sound odd, but it’s meant as a compliment. When I hear you, I think of wolves mating in the forest.”

Keep up the good work, guys, and ladies, get with the program and dish it out just like the guys!

Image courtesy of X Factor

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