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Amazing Race 19 10/9: Don’t Lay Down On Me Now


Amazing Race 19 tonight was titled “Don’t Lay Down On Me Now” for good reason as one team was left watching the action from the sidelines at the start. The first leg is going on a bike patrol with the Dutch Colonial Bicycle Guard and Ernie and Cindy are touched by tragedy as they lose a peddle on their bike and have to wait until it is fixed to continue. This puts them almost in last place.
Once finished, the teams had to take a taxi to Salakmalang Village and get a “detour” where they must either feed grass to sheep and provide water or feed farmers a meal and plant rice while the farmers eat. All the teams have a little problem here and Bill and Cathy fall down in the mud a couple of times. Amani and Marcus are in last place here as they start out with the grass but have trouble and switch to the rice. When they get to the rice field then they realize there are no farmers there anymore. They are way behind now.
The teams head to Borubudor Temple now and there is a roadblock. Teams have to count each Buddha that has the same hand position and there are four hand positions. Lawrence and Zac are the first out of the temple and get to the pit stop first. They are then notified of a penalty because they used too many buckets to pour water in the detour. Andy and Tommy come in next and are told they are the winners of this leg and get a trip to Dubai. Lawrence and Zac are second. Jeremy and Sandy are third. Justin and Jennifer are fourth. Ernie and Cindi are fifth. Amani and Marcus are sixth. Bill and Cathy are seventh. Liz and Marie are eighth. Kaylani and Lisa are the last team to arrive at the pit stop and are eliminated. Check back next week for another update on Amazing Race 19.

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