Sister Wives Struggle With “Kody-less” Days But Rejoice When It’s Announced “It’s A …!”

This week on “Sister Wives,” the sister wives deal with the struggle of being “Kody-less” as the stress mounts on the man running from house to house every four days like a vagabond as he tries to make the “rounds!” It is beginning to have an effect on each wife except Robyn who takes advantage of her time with Kody. This is causing resentment to build up with the other wives who feel she is being catered to because of the pregnancy. Will Kody Brown and his four wives survive the transplant to Las Vegas?

The family has a major outing at a Mexican restaurant where Kody announces he is focused on getting the family reunited into one place before any of the kids go off to college so the family base is intact. The funds are running out and the five adults are trying to decide on a business which Kody thinks should be food based…the wives are not so inspired. Meri wants to go back to working with troubled children which makes the rest of the wives feel as though she wants to separate from the unit.

There is some truth in that as she has repeatedly expressed she likes living far from the other wives in her own house with her own kids with Kody whom she does not have to share with any interruptions when it’s “her time.” Christine is beginning to feel “not special” now that Robyn is in the picture and Janelle is just trying to keep everything intact.

Robyn and Kody have an ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby and throw the technician for a loop when they start talking about it being the seventeenth child. The technician really is stunned when she finds out he has four wives! Whatever works…but what is the sex of the baby? This is revealed at the very end of the episode at the next family meeting where everyone views the video of the ultrasound…”It’s a BOY!”

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