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Five Tests That Can Change Your Life on the Dr. Oz Show Today!

The “Dr. Oz Show” today covered five tests that can change your life from getting better sleep to discovering if you are a junk food addict to whether or not your husband will cheat.

The first test is how to determine whether or not your spouse will cheat based on five questions which are basically about trust in the marriage as well as closeness and communication. Will your husband cheat? Here are danger signs which should send up red flags –

Does he hover around you when you are on the computer and fail to allow you to know his passwords? Does he leave the room when his cell phone rings? Is there someone in his interpersonal relationship circle who has cheated or condones cheating? Has he displayed any sudden new habits? Are you engaged as a couple? Yes answers to these questions does not mean he is cheating, but it increases the likelihood he might. Prevention goes a long way to maintaining a happy and faithful marriage.

The next test is about the state of your libido which is centered in the brain. Answers to these questions can give you an indication whether or not you should seek help in determining why your libido is lingering behind.

  • Do you think of sex at least ONCE a day? The answer should be yes!
  • Have you gained more than two sizes since meeting your partner? The answer should be no!
  • Do you go to bed angry at your partner? The answer should be no!
  • Do you take medications? The answer should be no!
  • Do you have children under five? The answer should be no!

Although some of these are bound to be different at various stages of life, it has an effect on libido and to counteract the effects, there are steps which can be taken. Children under five can be stressful to a relationship, but planning a “date night” will help keep the spark and certain medications can cause depressed libido so talk to your doctor about side effects.

Is your body aging too fact was another test Dr. Oz discussed and it had to do with muscle strength. Several audience members were given ten seconds to open three jars of pickles. One woman opened zero while another opened two with the majority opening only one. Dr. Oz poked fun at the women, especially the one who did not open any about strength being a factor in aging too fast, until he was not able to do it himself. HILARIOUS! Memory was tested where a woman could remember seven of ten things to shop for. Good memory should be able to retain between 5-10 things in short term memory. If you are experiencing difficulty in remembering five things and feel you are aging too fast, it is advised to see your physician.

Are you a snacker or a junk food addict? There is a way to find out by answering these questions:

  • Do you gravitate toward beige foods? If yes, you could be a junk food addict because these are refined and processed foods high in sodium and sugar.
  • Do you secretly stash food? If yes, you could be a junk food addict.
  • Do you impulsively purchase packages which are red, yellow, or orange? If yes, you could be a junk food junkie because these are the colors advertisers use to attract your attention.
  • Do you like milk chocolate over dark chocolate? If yes, you could be a junk food addict because milk chocolate is sweeter and smoother than dark chocolate which has no sugar.

The final test is to find out if you are sabotaging your sleep. How to get better sleep can be related to what is in your environment. First, avoid white sheets which reflect light as well as green or blue which suppress serotonin. Go for dark colors instead to get a relaxing night’s sleep. Wearing socks will help regulate body temperature. If your mattress is more than ten years old, consider a new purchase and if you use lemon scented cleaners, forgo them in the bedroom area because the scent is a stimulant.

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