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Amazing Race Recap 10/23: Who Was Eliminated Tonight?


Amazing Race 19 got off to another wild start tonight and we saw Liz and Marie perform a “Speed Bump” at the beginning because they were the last pair to get to the pit stop last week. Andy and Tommy start out fast again and get the first clue, which is a road block. In this road block, one member has to follow a Flutist to get to a waterfall where they have to dive down and get the next clue. They are riding on elephants! This clue tells them they have to build a “Spirit House” after seeing it and taking it apart. The twist is that the team member who did not go in the water has to rebuild the house. This throws Andy and Tommy in a tizzy because Tommy wasn’t paying attention to what Andy was doing. All the teams get through and Liz and Marie are last because they find out that they have an extra road block because they finished last in the previous leg. They have to clean up all the elephant poo! I figured they would not take this as well as they did. The girls got down to business and continued on. The buses this week bunched up the teams in groups as it was a 13 hour bus ride to Bangkok. Once in Bangkok, the teams have to feed fish and get their final clue that takes them to H.R.Turkit house where the Ambassador lives. Andy and Tommy blow their lead when they get lost in Bangkok. Amani and Marcus are on their game this week as they sail through to the pit stop and are the first to arrive. Bill and Cathi are right behind them. The rest of the teams filter in and here are the results:
1. Amani and Marcus
2. Cathi and Bill
3. Ernie and Cindy
4. Justin and Jennifer
5. Andy and Tommy
6. Laurence and Zac
7. Jeremy and Sandy

Liz and Marie cross the finish line last and are in tears. They had to beg their way through this leg as they ran out of money in Phuket at the bus station. They take it like troopers and say they did their best for their recently deceased dad. Check back next week as we will have another update of Amazing Race 19 where the teams are off to Africa.
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