“Sister Wives” Recap: The Sister Wives Weigh In On More Than Weight Gain In Las Vegas!

Tonight on “Sister Wives” the sister wives weigh in on more than weight gain; they expose some of the insecurities they have. It is Janelle at the beginning who is hesitant about going to see Bill, the personal trainer at Anytime Fitness, who Meri has been seeing, but gives in. At the assessment, each of the sister wives are exposed to the brutal truth of their health condition of which Janelle is targeted as the most critical with a weight of 271 pounds but a BMI of 44. All of the other sister wives weigh in at more than 200 pounds each except Robyn who is stealth at a little more than 150 pounds pregnant! Robyn defends the “curviness” of the other women by stating Kody has indicated he likes more curves which explains why the other women are overweight, but not why he chose Robyn in the first place.

Christine is the comical one during the workouts and Janelle’s workouts have been custom tailored to her abilities as have Robyn’s due to her pregnancy. As they struggle to deal with inner demons, Kody is meeting with Danielle, a college theology professor who is interested in meeting with the family to learn about the fundamentalist side of the Mormon religion.

The sister wives and Kody Brown take Danielle out to dinner where even more is revealed as all the other wives wish they had the problem of Robyn who is thin because there is not a variety of foods she can eat without getting sick; Christine, on the other hand, is perfectly satisfied with being able to enjoy EVERYTHING she eats. Danielle asks the group to come to the east coast to be guest speakers to her students.

Danielle and her husband are invited to Mariah’s 16th birthday party where the entire family will be getting together and welcoming the five boys who stayed behind in Wyoming for the summer as they return. The smaller children are ecstatic and it shows. Danielle and her husband seemed moved by the obvious closeness of all sixteen children as well as the interactions between the adults in this unconventional family.

As the story winds down, we are given a preview of the upcoming situation which the family, especially Kody and Robyn, have to deal with…the possible loss of the baby Robyn is carrying as she is threatened by a possible miscarriage. For now, all is well…but tune in next week to see what happens!

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  1. JDX says

    Atta’boy Kody….keep feedin’ those women – how long will it take for you to get Robyn over 200?

  2. says

    Kody might consider getting out of his sloppy look- Get a hair cut and a style to
    look more like a patriarch, not one of the teenage boy. Be professional. Look polished.

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