The Dr. Oz Show Today Gives Tips for Butt Busting and Belly Blasting!

The “Dr. Oz Show” today gives tips on butt busting and belly blasting with diet breakthroughs that get rid of belly fat and reduce butt fat while explaining the difference between the two types.

What is your problem area? If you are born with it, are you stuck with it? Dr. Oz says no to your body type fat! So if you are battling the bulging belly or tackling apple bottoms, this show is for you!

First, Dr. Oz discusses the type of fat which makes busting your butt fat so difficult. It is the fact there is subcutaneous fat (healthier fat) which lies right under the skin and to which there are no blood vessels making it nearly impossible to remove…but there are ways to bust that butt fat! The object is a LOW FAT DIET! Here are some suggestions from the doctor – NO saturated fats, NO processed foods, LOWFAT dairy, and whole grains. Exercise routines include movements which target large muscle groups like curtsy squats and vertical rowing.

Second, Dr. Oz talks about the type of fat which gathers around your mid-section (unhealthy) as it layers itself on the intestines and heart. Although it is easier to get rid of, it is the leading cause of diabetes and heart disease. This kind of fat is directly linked to stress and the secretion of cortisol. This calls for a LOW CARB DIET! Here are the doctor’s suggestions – NO refined foods and little carbohydrates, anti-inflammatory foods like avocados and olive oil in addition to whole grains like barley and buckwheat. Exercise routines to beat the bulge include aerobic stepping which varies the intensity and pace.

Robert Verdi, fashion guru, offered some advice on how to hide those problem areas while getting reduced. To disguise the “junk in the trunk” wear dark bottoms with bold tops, accentuate your waist above the hips with jewel tones, and wear wide legged pants. To camouflage the middle gone awry, wear V-necks to call attention to the face while elongating your figure, wear dark colors on top and dark wash jeans to visually slim.

IBS…what is it? It is irritable bowel syndrome and has the following symptoms…diarrhea, constipation,pellet and flat stools, and bloating. IBS can be aggravated by caffeine, dairy products, fatty foods, and artificial sweeteners. A quick cure for diarrhea is peppermint oil. Dr. Oz moves from this discussion right in to some of the worldwide slimming solutions from other parts of the planet. Women in Hungary eat pickled foods while those in Switzerland eat muesli. A slimming drink in South Africa is rooibos tea which is naturally sweetened.

Finally, three exotic baths you might be interested in creating at home to relax include:

  • Turmeric and curry bath using 1/2 cup of each in the water
  • Beer bath which includes 2 cups hops and 1 cup beer (great for people with cirrhosis)
  • Seaweed bath made from 3-4 sheets of shredded seaweed 

Image courtesy of the “Dr. Oz Show”

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