Amazing Race 19 Results 10/30: One Team Suffers A Setback That Could Cost Them

The Amazing Race 19 sends 7 teams from Thailand to Malawi, in Southern Africa, tonight and only six will continue on after the elimination. Teasers for tonight’s show say one Team member gets the local fans cheering them on after falling into last place. It is also said that there will be a mad dash to the Pit Stop on foot. Will Andy and Tommy regain their composure and win another leg? Last week they got lost and had trouble with the road block where they had to reconstruct a temple. Their stumbles gave the other teams hope as it was looking like they were unstoppable. Keep checking back here for all the latest live updates on Amazing Race 19 for October 30, 2011. Just refresh the page in your browser to see our latest updates.
Photo courtesy of: Amazing Race

The show starts and the teams are all on the same flight. They get dispersed at the airport and Amani and Marcus, followed by Bill and Cathi are in last place and have not made it to the roadblock. The first road block is moving tobacco bales from one end of the warehouse to the other. The teams have to move 10 bales in order to continue.

Jeremy and Sandy are the first to get all ten bales and they are on their way to memorial tower.  They now get a choice of All Sewn Up or Not Grown Up where they either have to build a toy truck or sew a suit together. Everybody is choosing to build the truck so far.

Bill and Cathi make it out of the tobacco warehouse leaving Marcus and Amani behind. Amani seems confident still but Marcus is very tired.

Amani and Marcus are finally at the sewing challenge. Jeremy and Sandy are first to finish the truck and Bill and Cathi followed by Ernie and Cindy are done with the sewing. they are going to R K Furniture shop in Mochese.

The next clue tells the teams they must take 2 beds to the Kumbali Village and the next Pit Stop.

Laurence and Zac are trying to get their beds in a taxi instead of using a truck. Amani and Marcus are the last to arrive at the Furniture shop.

Some of the teams are close to the village but the trucks don’t go all the way there. The teams have to carry their beds for the last bit of the journey. Justin And Jennifer are first but have to go back to pay their truck driver. So Andy and Tommy are the winners of this leg and get a free vacation to a private island.
Justin and Jennifer make it back in time to be team 2 as all the teams have trouble carrying the wooden beds.
Jeremy and Sandy are team 3.
Laurence and Zac make it in 4th.
Ernie and Cindy are team 5.
Bill and Cathi are team 6 because they forgot to pay their truck driver also.
Amani and Marcus make it in last place and are told it is not an elimination leg.

How will the teams do next week? Looks like the teams will be taxi drivers and have some kind of navigation challenge that involves a boat. Check back next week for another live update on Amazing Race 19.

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