The 10-Minute Miracle Workout Plan to Shed Pounds ANYONE Can Do (Dr. Oz Show)!

What is the 10-minute miracle workout plan to shed pounds ANYONE can do? The “Dr. Oz Show” talks about the P90X Extreme Home Fitness program by Tony Horton which can produce amazing results without an expensive home gym in just 10 MINUTES A DAY! Unbelievable? You bet, but according to Dr. Oz on the show today, it works!

The “Dr. Oz Show” today introduced three women who took the 90-day fitness challenge of Tony Horton’s P90X Extreme Home Fitness program to go from chubby to chiseled. They were Kim who lost nearly 100 pounds and Cynthia and Lindsay who both lost more than 100 pounds each! Talk about amazing transformations! Cynthia has kept her weight off for more than ten years, so this program not only allows one to lose weight with an investment of 10 minutes a day, but to change lifestyle to keep it off.

There are three rules to weight loss:

  • Exercise for the right reason,
  • Don’t be a perfectionist, and
  • Don’t “wing it!”

The program is based on superstacking exercises with concentrated focus and through muscle confusion meaning keeping the muscle active without going into a fixed routine. The first key to success is diet which includes eating 90% the right foods (colorful palate) and 10% bad (yummy foods like brownies). The second key to success is accountability by documenting what you eat and when you exercise. The more you see, the easier it is not to cheat! Tony Horton created a special version of his workout plan and it is posted on the “Dr. Oz Show” website.

Dr. Oz talked about a couple of the warning signs of kidney disease which might indicate the kidneys are failing. These are bloating at the waist and water retention in the ankles. The “pitting test” is when you press down on the flesh near the ankle to see how deep the “pit” is and how long it stays. The skin should return to shape in a short time; if not, this might indicate kidney issues. Ways to help kidney function is to maintain a healthy blood sugar level and a healthy blood pressure. Two supplements Dr. Oz suggests are Hawthorn at 100 mg 3X daily and cinnamon at 1 tsp daily. Adding cinnamon to your oatmeal in the morning is a great way to add this supplement for healthier kidney function.

Image courtesy of the Dr. Oz Show


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