Justin Bieber Declared Celebrity Teen Dad to Mariah Yeater’s Baby!

IS the “Bieb” baby daddy to 3-month-old Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater (born July 6, 2011), the illegitimate son of 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, who announced a lawsuit against Justin Bieber according to the recent tabloid Star?

I was STUNNED this morning when I heard it on the my daughter’s local radio station (92.5 KISS FM Toledo, OH) where celebrity “Who’s Who” news is reported by Carlos Diaz, correspondent to CNN in Atlanta and host of the HLN “Morning Express.” “Say it isn’t so” raced through my head after he had just been on Dancing with the Stars” last night with his new spikey do!

After arriving home, some investigation was needed to find out the truth behind the headlines of the Justin Bieber paternity suit by Mariah Yeater who is claiming the young teen idol, Justin Bieber, is the baby daddy to her son, Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater (SERIOUSLY? This child is not a royal or something, is he?), who was born this summer after an alleged 30-second romp with the then “virgin” Bieber behind the scenes following a concert at the L.A. Nokia Theatre as told to the Star. In a statement issued by Bieber’s representatives, the accusation amounts to nothing more than a fabricated lie as told by the Daily Mail. I guess we will find out eventually…kind of seems coincidental the baby was born “exactly 36 weeks and 2 days” following the October 25, 2010 concert. If true, Yeater could be charged with statutory rape unless this is all kept “hush hush.”

It was bound to happen, though, with all the recent celebrity pregnancies in the news…like Jessica Simpson’s recent announcement and now Kim Kardashian’s “suspected” pregnancy as being the straw which broke the back of her 2.5 month marriage to Kris Humphries!

Next to hit the tabloid headlines (and perhaps the television screens) will be the announcement that the paternity test, in fact, proves the allegations Justin Bieber is the baby daddy and has agreed to appear in a new reality television show called “Celebrity Teen Dad!” Will it, however, gain the popularity of its counterpart “Teen Mom” on MTV? Let us know at CMR through your comments and poll votes what you think of this latest ruse to defame a national teen icon! What will this do to the relationship between Justin and Selena? How will fans react? Will this be the end to his “virtuous” public persona?

Is Justin Bieber a "baby daddy?"

  • I'm gonna wait until the December hearing and the results of the paternity test! (57%, 30 Votes)
  • Absolutely! those celebrities think they can get away with ANYTHING! (32%, 17 Votes)
  • No way! Justin is such a "nice boy!" (11%, 6 Votes)

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