Perimenopausal Rage, the Female Hormonal Frenzy, Discussed on the “Dr. Oz Show” Today!

 This afternoon on the “Dr. Oz Show,” Dr. Oz discussed the signs and solutions to perimenopausal rage, the female hormonal frenzy. According to the doctor, these signs can begin as early as age 35 and as late as age 55. What are the signs of perimenopausal rage?


There are three signs of perimenopausal rage:

  • Severe moods swings within minutes followed by extreme remorse
  • Out of proportion anger usually not typical or in response to something trivial which would have previously been tolerated
  • History of PMS

There are several solutions offered by Dr. Oz. These include:

  • Prescription medication like a low dosage birth control pill or an anti-depressant
  • Supplements like a progesterone cream to balance the loss of this female hormone as a course of aging
  • Deletion of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar from the diet replacing it with fish oil and B vitamins
  • Therapy which can be in the form of increased spousal communication or professional consultation to figure out how to deal with the rollercoaster hormone release

In addition to discussing perimenopausal rage, the “Dr. Oz Show” today gave some suggestions from the refrigerator for home remedies to dry flaky skin. This was to mix a chopped avocado with honey and apply to the dry area. Compressing it with a cold cloth dampened with green tea increases the benefits. A remedy to help rosacea was to mix cottage cheese with chopped pineapple and apply to the affected area. The milk in the cottage cheese will calm the skin irritation and the pineapple helps replenish moisture.

Image courtesy of  the “Dr. Oz Show”


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