Sister Wives Recap: Warren Jeffs and the Question of Plural Marriage Discussed

This evening on “Sister Wives,” Kody Brown and his four wives tackle explaining the situation of Warren Jeffs to the family in addition to trying to address the question of plural marriage with some friends from Utah.

It seems the kids are finally adjusting to life in Las Vegas as the new school years starts with Hunter deciding to go out for football. Two friends from the church back in Utah, Andy and Nicole, visit with the question of plural marriage on their minds…mainly how to start dating to find another wife! WHAT? It was easy to accept the life of this family but it is a little more difficult to hear someone else talk about how to go about becoming interested in another woman to join an established family with six children because it is “written.”

In the discussions Andy and Nicole have with Kody Brown and his four wives, the wives stipulate they would not have chosen this life if it were not for the religious doctrine they believe in…the men, on the other hand, seem all too eager to uphold the doctrine of multiple wives. This leads to Kody giving instruction to the family about the situation with Warren Jeffs, the polygamist arrested for child sexual assault and currently serving a 20-year prison sentence.

Kody compares Warren Jeffs to a Mormon king, Noah Ben Zeniff who inherited a kingdom from his father who was evil and preyed on his followers instead of being a benovelent and noble king just like Warren Jeffs took advantage of the bling faith of his followers and preyed on young girls. This family clearly does not associate with the beliefs of the Jeffs’ congregation.

The show ends with the wives of Kody Brown addressing concerns of Nicole who it seems is trying to convince herself she is okay with the doctrine of plural marriage when it is more than evident she is not. She does not want to “share” her husband with another woman nor does she want her children to “share” their father with other children. The consensus is Andy and Nicole just need to find someone who wants to be apart of the family which already exists and “jump in with both feet.”  

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