Dancing With The Stars Scores 11/7: Instant Choreography Will Challenge Dancers


Dancing With The Stars is starting off week 8 with a double dance tonight and “instant choreography” where the dancers will not have a chance to practice. Tonight, we will see all the couples dancing a Jive and then another unlearned dance. With the shocking elimination of David Arquette last week, Nancy and Hope will really have to step up their game. These two have had good nights and bad nights but have been saved by the voting many times. Rob Kardashian will need the help of fans to stay in this game and overcome Nancy and Hope’s voting huge voting block. The numbers to vote for each contestant are at the bottom of this article. Tune in to ABC at 8pm for the live Dancing With The Stars broadcast or you can keep checking back here at CMR as we will be live blogging DWTS 11/7.

The show has started and Rob Kardashian is up first with a quick step. He is having trouble keeping his butt tucked in in practice. Looks like he is a little of step with his partner but this is pretty good to me. The judges all agree it was his best dance and he gets a 27.
Hope Solo does a quick step also tonight. This is good but not anywhere as good as Rob’s. The judges love it and even Len agrees it was her best dance and she really stepped up her game. She gets a 27.
Ricki Lake takes the stage and does a Waltz. This is a slow Waltz and she is nailing it. Bruno offers no criticism but Len and Carrie Ann talk of her technique. Ricki gets a 28.
Nancy Grace comes out with a Tango tonight. The judges say she has improved and Carrie Ann is the only one to say she needs to fix her footwork. Len is really nice to her. Nancy scores 24.
JR Martinez is next with another Waltz. This is the best dance tonight and the judges loved it. The audience was standing before the dance finished. JR gets the first 30 of the season.

Now it is time for the Jives!
Rob starts it out and they are doing good. He seems to be in step and this should get a good score. The judges like it and only offer small criticism about his kicks. Rob receives a 24. His total is 51.
Hope Solo has a nice entrance and her Jive actually looks better than Rob’s to me. Len says it was brilliant but Carrie Ann and Bruno say she had weird movements with her hands. Len gives her a 9 and the other tow give her 8’s for a total of 25. Her combined score is 52.
Ricki Lake rocks the dance floor with her Jive and this was amazing! Well, the judges say she stopped and started in places and they were not really impressed even though they said it was good. They give her a 24 for a total of 52.
Nancy Grace is doing a lackluster Jive. Her dancing is the stiffest of anybody so far but the judges have to voice their opinions. the judges were not impressed tonight and Len even said he thought she should go home. She only got a 20 for a total of 44.
JR Martinez give us the last Jive for the night. He is sensational! The judges and the audience love it. Even the pesky Len says it was the best Jive he has seen in a while. JR gets another 30 for a perfect score of 60.
Check back tomorrow as we will see who is voted off DWTS.

Voting Numbers:
Rob Kardashian: 1-800-868-3402
Nancy Grace: 1-800-868-3405
Hope Solo: 1-800-868-3408
Ricki Lake: 1-800-868-3411
JR Martinez: 1-800-868-3410
Photo Courtesy of: ABC

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