Dancing With The Stars Finale Scores: How Did The Final 3 Do With The Judges?

Dancing With The Stars is winding down tonight with the first part of the season finale and each dancer will perform two dances tonight. Voting will begin as soon as the show ends so make sure you cast your final vote for your favorite couple. JR, Ricki, and Rob will each perform one unlearned dance plus we will have another freestyle round. The judges will be very critical tonight as they will be expecting perfection. Look for Len to be back to his normal self and be very critical here. The show starts at 8pm eastern time and is condensed to only one hour tonight. The voting numbers are below and we will be bringing live updates on the dances and the judges reactions on DWTS 11/21, so keep checking back here for the latest info.
Ricki Lake is up first and does a cha cha cha and it is not her best dance. The judges all say they love it but tell her she was off in a few places. Ricki gets a 27 for her first dance tonight.
Rob Kardashian attempts a Waltz tonight and this was one of his best dances to us. The judges all say it was graceful and Carrie Ann even compares him to Cinderella. All the judges say he lost his footwork in places though. Rob gets a 27 for his first dance.
JR Martinez does a cha cha cha like Ricki but this is a disaster. He looks uncomfortable and is dancing alone a lot. Len is the most critcal and says it was not very good and he expects more. Carrie Ann and Bruno both say it was off a bit but do give him some praise. JR gets a 24 for his first dance.

The Freestyle competition starts out with Ricki Lake up first. This is a crazy dance and Ricki is really going at it. The judges all like it and Len says she only lost it in a couple of spots but it was great overall. Ricki’s score is 27 for the freestyle.
Rob Kardashian comes out with all guns blazing in an amazing freestyle that is full of lifts, twists, and turns. The crowd goes crazy and the judges are all amazed as well. Len can’t find anything to complain about here. Rob gets a perfect score of 30!
JR Martinez comes back in style and has the best dance of the night. The crowd and the judges are stunned at this comeback. JR gets a perfect score of 30!
Now is the time to vote for your favorites and the contestants will have tow more dances this year on DWTS tomorrow night. Check back here for live results of the Dancing With The Stars Finale and see who wins the mirror ball trophy.

Voting Numbers and Total Scores:
JR Martinez: total:54 1-800-868-3410
Ricki Lake: total:54 1-800-868-3411
Rob Kardashian: total:57 1-800-868-3402

Photo a montage from: ABC

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