Katy Perry California Dreams Tour Hits Oakland!

Katy Perry is towards the end of her California Dreams tour and performed on Monday night to a 14,000+ crowd in Oakland, CA. The packed arena was mostly filled with cotton candy eating, cat ear wearing youngsters, although fans of all ages came out to see Katy perform. Most were not disappointed, as Katy’s vocals were stellar, sounding even better live than on her recordings. To this reviewer, the highlight was the unique rendition of her song “I Kissed a Girl.” She started slow and “loungy,” then switched to a faster version in the middle of the song. Her voice was best showcased when she sang a beautiful version of “Thinking Of You”, playing acoustically on her guitar as she came out into the crowd riding on a pink cotton cloud above the audience. She also mixed it up when she “magically” changed her outfit onstage several times during “Hot N Cold” by stepping into curtains and then stepping out seconds later in a new ensemble.

The visuals of the show were interesting, but in some cases could be considered disturbing. Between some songs (while Katy was backstage changing costumes), a video played of her searching for her kitty. The music in the video was haunting and dark, which contradicted the candy and pink clouds on stage. Katy’s banter throughout the show was very childlike, which no doubt appealed to the kids and young teens in the crowd. She tried to make comments towards the adults, such as talking about “adult beverages” a couple of times and referring to a slot-machine dressed dancer as a “slut,” but the Disneyesque quality of her banter was a turn-off for this reviewer.

Overall, it was a great, high-energy show and Katy was very entertaining, even keeping the kids interested until late hours on a “school night.”
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