The Doctors 11/28 Recap: Taking Charge Of Your Health

The Doctors opens up with a medical miracle patient named Tammy who is the first west coast recipient of a new artificial heart. It is controlled by a portable compressor and it will give her time to wait for a heart transplant. This is not a permanent fix but it is only temporary. Tammy says she feels great and it has given her a chance to grow old. Dr. Bowdish was the surgeon that performed the operation. We also see a new shoe for Alzheimer patients that has a built in GPS tracking device. This will allow families to keep track of their loved ones in case they wander off.
The next segment is about a Houston company that says it is testing anew diet pill that blocks fat. It is being tested in Monkeys and has had great success. The Doctors discuss the side effects of Kidney damage and talk of how these pills always have some side effect. They agree that these magic pills are trying to give people an easy fix for a serious problem. The best way to lose weight is diet and exercise.
The next segment is with a 360pound woman named Nikki who is desperate to lose weight. She has been heavy all her life and now has knee problems and diabetes. She actually gained 100 pounds during her pregnancy and is even too heavy for the lap band surgery. Jillian Michaels is on the show to help guide her. Dr. Michael Fishbine comes on the show to show us the effects of being overweight on the body. He has a demonstration set up and starts showing the different body parts from an obese person and a normal person. He opens up an aorta to show plaque build up on the arteries.
Her son AJ comes on and talks about her chain smoking and how it is stopping her from getting the operation to make her stomach smaller. Nikki has lost weight on many diets but always fails in the end. She has major image issues. The discussion turns to quitting smoking. After only three days your lung functions start repairing itself and your risk of a heart attack or stroke is cut in half after one year.
Jillian shows Nikki all her friends and how they support her. Julie and Lauren are introduced and they are going to be Nikki’s personal trainers. She is going to have meals delivered to her and her son for a year.
The next segment deals with men’s health and prostate cancer. The prostate carries and stores the seminal fluid. Enlarged prostates cause problems in urination by blocking the flow. They discuss what happens in a prostate exam and exactly what a healthy prostate will feel like. It only takes 15 seconds for an exam. Fatty fish and fruits and Veggies along with exercise can help keep the prostate healthy. It is said that 1 out of 6 men will have prostate problems in their lifetime.
The fourth segment of today deals with upper body strength, especially in women. We meet Bartendaz and they help people develop upper body strength. They say they can make anyone able to do a pull up. Assan demonstrates how breathing is the most important part of a pull up. Jillian and the Doctor are in a contest to see who can hold a pull up the longest. They are up for a while and the doctor is getting tired and falls first. Antoinette has learned to do pull ups after just three weeks of training. Assan shows out on the bar and he is floating.
The fifth segment deals with dancing and how to get your man dancing. Gina Grant is on now and teaches Zumba and is here to get Dr. Sears dancing for his upcoming wedding. this is available for the Wii and there are classes all over the country. It’s pretty funny watching this. The audience is getting a Wii and a copy of the game to use at home.

The show ends with advice on how dancing can keep you healthy.
Photo courtesy of: The Doctors

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