“The Devil in Pew Number Seven” Author and Murderer Face One Another on the “Dr. Phil Show” Today (12/9/11)

This morning on the “Dr. Phil Show” today (12/9/11), Dr. Phil will be interviewing Rebecca Nichols Alonso and Daniel Nichols whose mother, Ramona, was gunned down by Harris Williams, a family friend, inside the church parsonage where the family lived in Sellerstown, North Carolina. In Rebecca’s telling of the events leading up to the shooting, the aftermath, and the eventual forgiveness in “The Devil in Pew Number Seven” is discussed along with how she was able to come to terms with her mother’s murder. Rebecca, who was seven at the time, remembers with vivid clarity the events, while her brother, Daniel, who was three, mainly dealt with the shock of losing a doting parent and the effects of growing up without his mother, as did Rebecca.

The two siblings come face-to-face with the man who attempted to murder both Reverend Robert Nichols, who speaks from the grave in an audio tape given to his daughter before his death, and successfully killed Ramona Nichols, mother of Rebecca and Daniel Nichols. Was it on the orders of Horry James Watts who, along with his wife, was removed from the Free Welcome Holiness Church’s building committee because they were not actually members of the church? Watts, a wealthy county commissioner who owned much of Sellertown, became extremely agitated with Pastor Nichols and began tormenting his family. What does Williams have to say about the events of that fateful night? What does he remember and why has he not reached out before now when Rebecca has published a book about the deed? What does Pastor Nichols have to say to Williams from the grave?

Image and videos courtesy of the “Dr. Phil Show

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