It’s All About the Night on “Ellen” as Lady Gaga and Greyson Chance Talk Latest Album Cuts!

LADY GAGA is in the house on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” today (12/9/11). She will perform her newest release “Marry the Night” from her pop sensation album Born This Way! Ellen is set to find out the Lady behind the music and the fashions that set the world on its ear every time she hits the stage. Greyson Chance’s new music video “Hold On ‘Til the Night” will be featured with an exclusive clip as well. If you want to get to know more about the pop princess, here is your chance! Plus Ellen brings more gifts to the audience as she celebrates the “seventh day of Christmas” on the 12 Days of Ellen giveaways.

 Ellen goes gaga over Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga goes gaga over Ellen as they sit down to talk. Lady Gaga tells about the wardrobe malfunction she experienced when she first appeared on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and how she was introduced at a recent function for former President Bill Clinton. Lady Gaga talks about acting and she would like to actually audition for a part so she feels she earned it instead of just being given them. Her “dream” part would be in a Woody Allen movie.

When Ellen returns with Lady Gaga they talk about her new video “Marry the Night” which she directs as a solo effort and how it is an autobiographical sketch about things she had to overcome on her rise to stardom (which she terms as “having a job”). Ellen shows some pictures from the photo documentary “Lady Gaga” by Terry Richards which is given to all of the studio audience members. Lady Gaga talks about being homeless which is because she tours so much, she cannot see investing in a house she does not live in, preferring her now “gypsy lifestyle.” She discusses how she had to get drunk to sign her tax return…Ellen says it is an issue…’mo money=’mo problems!

Greyson Chance is the next guest and discusses his tour in addition to the release (today) of his third music video “Hold On ‘Til the Night.” He tells Ellen about a charity event he held for an orphanage on tour and a little about the video of which the audience saw a short clip of. Ellen’s giveaways this afternoon included a $200 giftcard to Starbucks, a Playstation 3 “Everybody Dance” bundle, the complete “Star Wars” saga on blue-ray, and a Dell Inspiron laptop to view it on! Lady Gaga performs “Marry the Night” to close the show (LOVE the ridiculous shoes!).

Image and videos courtesy of “The Ellen Degeneres Show

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