Rachel Ray On Doctor Oz Today 12/12/2011: Holiday Tips

Dr. Oz has Rachel Ray here today and she is going to solve our Holiday Cooking Disasters and how to make a perfect Turkey. Holiday Recipes can easily overwhelm the best of us and Rachel is giving us easy tips that will help take the complication out of Holiday Food. The show opens with Dr. Oz telling us that this is the most stressful time of year for those who have to cook and he wanted to do something about it. We get clips of some of the help she will be offering and she is excited because she says that people stress over cooking because they try to make dishes that are in magazines.
Rachel gets right into the problems and the first is a lady who makes very mushy veggies. Rachel says roasting will keep them fresh. They are making soup out of overcooked veggies. Just grind them up in a food processor and then add them to some stock. Use milk and melt some cheese in it and add it to the pureed veggies to make a nice thick soup. Easy! The next guest has something that looks like little rocks but is supposed to be potato pancakes. Rachel says to get out the liquid (all of the liquid) and mix with some grated onion and spices. She adds parsnip and matsa meal and drop them into hot oil until they are crispy. The third guest has a burnt roast and it looks like a brick. Rachel says to get a good roast, you need to add moisture to the bottom of the pan to create steam and keep the meat moist. the quick fix for overcooked meat is to chop it up and let it sit in hot broth for a while and it will add moisture and make it tender and juicy.
Rachel give us her best easy meal for the holidays and it is her mom’s cider beef stew. You just brown beef cubes from a chopped up roast and take it out. Add carrots, apples, celery, onion. Cook veggies until tender and then add the beef and add cider. Put it in the oven for 3 hours and it will be perfect.
The next segment deals with the next step to transform your life. Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer are the three things we need to screen for and look at our medical history for our family to see if we are at risk. Dr. Friedman says knowing your history is a key to know what your risks are and we should all sit down and write down our family medical history. We need to talk to our Grandparents, then parents, then cousins to get insight on what people in the family have had. We need to focus on the above diseases and also Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, etc. and you need to talk to your family and especially your doctor so he knows you have a risk for these problems.
Doctor Oz now talks about the healing properties of salt. He shows a new salt therapy machine that is supposed to help asthma. Salt therapy helps a variety of illnesses and it is simple. A salt inhaler helps with a cold. When you inhale salt, it loosens mucus and lets your body work like it is supposed to and it is natural. A salt bath helps to hydrate the skin and decrease swelling. He added oatmeal to the water also and the guest says the water feels soft.
The final segment is how to use seaweed to lose weight. Brown seaweed pills are a new product that burn body fat and liver fat while helping to lower your cholesterol. He gives a demonstration of how the metabolism is boosted with seaweed. This will help speed up your weight loss. He also show us how to gives kids a healthy treat and it is licorice. black licorice added with the brown seaweed pills is supposed to keep your kids healthy and make you lose weight faster.

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  1. Carol Tonkinson says

    I was unable to fine the recipe for Rachael ray’s Beef Stew with apple cider that she said would be posted on Dr. Oz website. I would like to find it, can you assist?

    thank you

    C Tonkinson

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