Doctor Oz Show 12/13/2011: Jane Fonda’s Longevity Revolution


A very special guest is on the Dr. Oz Show Today and it is Jane Fonda. Jane will be sharing her secrets to a longer and healthier life. Many remember Jane from her early career as a Hollywood S*x Kitten and her controversial protesting in the early 70’s but she is now a fitness expert. In the 80’s she got on the fitness craze and never looked back. Today, she is fitter than ever and wants everyone to be able to have the same healthy life she has. Jane will be sharing workout secrets to keep you in shape along with diet tricks that she uses to keep herself in top condition. Face it, not many people her age can really say that they are just as healthy now as they were 20 years ago but it is never too late to start. Check your local listings for the time or you can check back here at 5pm eastern time for our complete recap of the show.

Photo: Dr. Oz


  1. aurora says

    Hi clare scheel,

    I am also trying to find the hair treatment product from that episode!

    But you’re lucky cos I did happen to write down everything but the name of the hair treatment.

    Reviva Skin Lightener about $15.

    ANd here’s the rest that I wrote down…

    Breakthrough Clarsonic MIA cleanser about $119

    Colgate Optic White toothpaste about $5

  2. clare scheel says

    I love dr oz but his web site needs help. It is the most user unfriendly web site that I have used. My husband and I both agree. It is difficult to find a recipe among other problems. However, the best example is the show of 12/13/2011. I tried and tried to find the name of the product that helps age spots. I tried everything and could not find it. Although it was easy to find Jane Fonda. I am so disappointed in Dr Oz. He keeps saying to take this supplement and that and it is just too much. What do we need to take to be healthy? Every day it is a new supplement although he does say that he does not endorse products. This is bogus and I am so disappointed in that I look to him for good advice but cannot follow up on his web site.

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